What are weddings like in Lebanon

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

It is quite popular to have wedding receptions in Lebanon. If you are a music provider or wedding band/singer there are a number of preparations involved. One of the main activities is having a meeting with the bride and groom to learn about their preferences, likes, dislikes and must haves. If you are working with a crew, you will have to cooperate and arrange for gear and other miscellaneous items to be picked up. The dance floor may also be your responsibility as well, in terms of getting it prepped, or even laying a base for guests to dance on. Oftentimes two bases of over 15 or so inches wide, side boards and speakers will make for a nice setting. The disc jockey often has his duties of setting up his table, having a wide vary of music, microphone, monitor and speakers. This is how a great majority of the weddings in Lebanon are held.

The DJ will play melodious music that encourages people to relax and socialise; then the guests will start pouring in, getting their drinks and carrying conversations with people. There are a number of popular Lebanese music that can be played; such as music from Lebanese composers like Ziad el Rehbani, Gary Terzian, or flamenco groove music. When everyone has taken their seats, the Arabian tradition, zaffet commences. This is where the welcome the lovely couple. A special musical rendition or music is played for them as well. They will do a folk dance. The groom starts with a haysa “chill” music, retrieves the bride, and also returns with family and friends. They conclude with a final zaffet or the “dabke”.

The couple will then go to their seats. They will do their first dance. They is prompted with lighting effects, dry ice machine, and a number of other things that directs the bride and groom to do their first dance on the stage. After they have done this, they start the eating process for their guests. DJs will have a selection of multicultural music. This will include Arabic, French and English music. It is popular music that can be enjoyed while everyone enjoys their meal. During this time, the wedded couple will go from table to table, after they have eaten, to welcome and speak with their guests. After this, the dance floor will be opened.

The DJ is very important to this event, as he or she sets the tone or vibe for the wedding so having good musical selections is important. Also knowing when to play which genre is integral. Having hit Arabic songs like Nancy Ajram, Four cats or Shereen is always a hit with the crowd. The DJ will have to use his skills to try to please everyone, keep them happy, and dancing for quite a while. The cake is then cut, champaign toast s are made and its back to enjoying the music. The traditional practices of throwing the bouquet, and taking off the garter happens at this time as well.

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