Jamaican Wedding Day: Wedding toast etiquette

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Having a wedding toast is a traditional part of Jamaican weddings. This is where family and friends get to wish the happy couple well and relive, often times funny experiences. There are very funny moments to be found when best men, maid of honours, and family members recount their experiences with either the groom or bride. But deciding on who should give toasts at the wedding might be a difficult prospect? It is a long time practice for men to do the toast, but more and more women are doing toasts. If you have a wedding day coming up and are curious about how to do it, continue reading for more information.

It is so easy to say something that might be misinterpreted by someone else. People look at things differently and you or your friends finding a wedding toast hilarious might actually be viewed as insensitive or rude to the other family. When coming up with a toast, try to balance this concern, and try to say something that might offend anyone. You will also have to consider the theme or Jamaican wedding setting. Is it causal, or formal? Is it a stuffy elegant affair or a super cool beach wedding? The more informal the wedding, the easier it is to come up with a toast. One tends to have to be on their best behaviour when attending black tie, formal events. You can also get the ear of the happy couple prior, and ask questions to see type of toasts they might prefer.

Are you wondering who will give the first wedding toast? Typically it is the best man. He will lead the way in feeding anecdotes to the wedding guests about the bride and the groom. Sometimes it is difficult being the first, but it is made easier by the relationship that he has with the lovely couple. That is why it is important that when choosing a best man, this person is really a close friend. The best man also has the added responsibility of offering gratitude to the bride and groom’s parents. He will express his wishes to them for raising their children and helping them prepare for such an occasion. The final person he should toast is the bride.

The groom will follow the best man and give his wedding toast. He should thank everyone, including the parents, guests, the wedding party, and his lovely bride. It is customary to make mention of the loveliness of the of the brides maids and express his gratitude for them helping his bride. His bride should be thrilled by his reference to how they met their journey throughout their relationship and everything that’s happened, in brief, up to the Jamaican wedding day. Here he will have a chance to be funny, or very sentimental; of course soliciting tears from his new wife. The bride’s father would then proceed with his toast of welcoming family and friends, and reflecting on memories of his daughter. Other family and friends can follow, if they wish.


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