Jamaican Wedding: Romantic wedding venues

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2011, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

People work hard at pulling off a great event when they are planning their wedding. Brides tend to go all out, in bringing in different flowers, food, beverages and cakes. They try to find the best romantic Jamaican wedding venues and caterers. All their efforts is to make their wedding celebration both memorable and romantic. Weddings take a lot of work and with the right Jamaican venue it can be an even more romantic wedding. The meaning of a romantic wedding is different for everyone. But to all it is an expression and occasion for love. Many are wowed by the bride and bridesmaids appearance, some the ambiance and decorations, others a mixture of all these things.

Depending on the bride and groom’s tastes the wedding venue can be anywhere. Some are romantic Jamaican locations like beaches and gardens, others traditional like churches and great halls, some adventurous like underwater or in a hot air balloon. All these locations tend to have special meaning or importance to either or both the bride and groom. Oftentimes, its places they have been together, where they first met, or have always wanted to have their ceremony. back in the days, people would choose traditional Jamaican wedding locations like the church and city hall. Here families get together have a simple wedding ceremony and then go elsewhere for a dinner or reception. Now it is more popular to have the ceremony in some exotic and unbelievable venues.

Beaches are a popular Jamaican wedding venue. This is highly romantic. The backdrop helps to create an atmosphere of love, warmth and romance. Beaches are a casual, and the happy couple have the freedom to even transform this into a elegant, formal setting if they wish to. Most keep the semi casual feel and brides dress in sun dresses, skirts, or short dresses; and grooms dress in khaki, cotton pants or less formal suits. Going into the sea, is an adventurous venue option. Not many guests will be present, but it will be an interesting and memorable ceremony.

Caves are also a popular location in many countries. Couples may allow the natural look or they can transform the setting with environmentally friendly decorations. Usually couples who are into nature or Wiccan practises may opt for this location. A sporting arena, a golf course or baseball stadium is another popular choice. Many couples share their love for a particular sport; others might have met there or have gone there on many occasions. This is for the adventurous types, and often it is very romantic for very sentimental reasons.

Couples have chosen to get married in many other locations. It is their memories, decorations of the love and experience of their friends and families that make these Jamaican locations special. Romance can be whatever a couple makes it.


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