Jamaican Poetry: I want to find the one

By: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

I want to find the one
That I will love
That I will cherish
That will love only me;
I wanna acknowledge their presence and make them and me
Be one,
I wanna give that one
The idea, the knowledge, the fact
That we are one,
That they, are my only one;

I want to find the one
That is worthy of me,
Will let me be the butterfly and hawk,
Coexisting in this one body;
I wanna let them be
Let them feel safe to be,
A lion, a beetle, to simply be free
But to take me along Not just for me
But because, they cannot be Without me;

I wanna find the one that I will love
Completely, freely and sincerely;
I want that one to find me
Before I accept defeat of never finding them,
And them never finding me;
Who I am, I want them to see
That goodness, hope, love and godliness
Resides in me;

I wanna find that bumblebee
I want them to be attracted to my aura
And captivated by the effervescent sensuality;
My femininity will portray far beyond the shadows of my intimidating strength;
But he won’t be intimidated
He will be elated
To see that I can stand and give that helping hand, when he needs me;
Not withstanding, that he too will lift me
Cloak me completely, in his love
A love like no other
A love that will abound
Even when our skins fold forever into aging frowns;

I want to find this lover of mine
I want to give him this heart of mine
I want to envelop him in rapture and bask perpetually in his kind laughter
I want to be his queen
I want him to reside, my king;

I need to find…


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