Jamaican Poetry: Toni Braxton song


By: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2010, defy, Denise Fyffe

I’ll ride or die
I’ll be your bitch
I’ll be kinky and whip you with a switch
I’ll do little things to you all night long
I’ll take you to heaven on a Toni Braxton song

I’ll suck your toes
I’ll kiss your nose
I’ll do all the tricks they show in triple X shows
I’ll listen while you whimper and cry
I’ll give you CPR, the kiss of life

I’ll read you like a blind man with Braille
I’ll past your test, never to fail
I’ll set you on a course you will like
I’ll make you cry for mommy
I’ll make you wish to die

I’ll take you back to your first kiss
And make you wish it was always like this
I’ll take you back to your first time
And wish her snatch was as good as mine
I’ll wash your body all night long
In my love juices, while we sing a Toni Braxton song.


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