Jamaican Poetry: Tears in my eyes

By: Poetess Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

I went to bed with tears in my eyes
Caused by your words
The one’s I despise
Practised and wielded
Like a samurai sword
It wouldn’t have cut deeper
If you had called me a whore;

To you, I am an option
To me,You were the priority
An emotional conundrum
I must be a high school ditty
To form and nurture these feelings for you
Now, I’ll bury them deeper
Living as a remnant, like the Jews;

In bed with these tears in my eyes
I prepare to live beyond winter
The Arctic Circle,
Away from these emotions and prying eyes;

My pillow wet
My emotions at odds
The bitch is trying to crawl out
To devour others for this pain’s salve;

Time repeats lessons unlearned
A woman scorned, begets another man’s turn;

I lie in bed with tears in my eyes
Trying to ease this torrent of the bruised emotions inside;
I try to feel less, but it hurts even more
And writing these words
Only makes the hurt pour;

I guess I wanted you more than you wanted me
Because I tasted patience
And came second to your family;
Who am I kidding
I wasn’t even on the board
To fit in the top one hundred
Would have meant
We shared,
And you scored;

History repeats lessons unlearned
I am tired of chasing pavements
Tired of being burned
Tired of catching feelings
And not seeing them returned;

What I want,
You aren’t prepared to give
What I deserve
You don’t think it’s necessary for me to live with;

I lie in bed with tears in my eyes
Lying wake,
Crying my last cry.


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