Jamaican Poetry: Ideas

The ideas, they are swirling in my head,

Its time, to cut, chop, dissect and use them to earn some bread.

One, two, ten and twenty

By this time tomorrow I wont remember any.

From God its a blessing,

For man it may be a curse;

But Lord, help me before me little head burst.- Poetess Denise Fyffe


Patois version

Di ideas a swirl up an dung inna me head

Is about time fi me fi chop dem up, dissec and use dem fi earn some bread;

One, two, ten an twenty

Bout dem time yah tomorrow, me nah go memba any.

From Massa Gad is a blessing

Fi man is a curse,

But Lawd, help me before mi likkle head buss.- Poetess Denise Fyffe


Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

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