Jamaica gaan to the dogs – Male jogger gang-raped by armed men at Queen Hill

Patois: Bwoy, mi hart a hatt mi, an a nuh even me it happen to. Lawd have mercy!African-American-Male-Depressed

Translation: Boy, my heart is hurting me, and it did not even happen to me!

Thousands of Jamaicans, just like myself, are saying this today, as we read the news headline in the Jamaica Observer, June 11, 2014. It said ‘Male jogger gang-raped: Man assaulted in early-morning attack by armed men at Queen Hill’.

The news was distressing to say the least. Jamaicans are certainly not in favor of the homosexual lifestyle, much less the gang-rape of a man. The rape of anyone,man or woman, is wrong; neither is it condoned. Now, our prayers and thoughts are on the victim of such a God-less and immoral act.

This man certainly must have thought that he was being robbed at gun point and thought it easier to co-operate, rather than struggle and be hurt by his attackers. However, the sheer terror he must have felt when they started to strip him of his clothes, bound his hands and feet and then proceeded to sodomize and gang-rape him, REPEATEDLY.

What can be his mental or psychological state after this? How does he reconcile this, as a man? What effects will his family experience? If, he tells them. Will he seek help? How will the police handle the situation or the victim? How will his case be treated once he gets to the hospital? Does he have support from a church? Will he get counseling? This gentleman will certainly need to be assessed for both physical and mental trauma. He will develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) , depression, suicidal tendencies, paranoia and many other psychological issues.

As a counselor, I am greatly concerned for this man’s psychological well-being. The term suicide comes to mind. As a victim of such a crime, he will need immense psychological and medical support and treatment. The women who found him, reported that he was bleeding from his rectum. They also called Duhaney Park and Constant Spring police station, and they did not answer. The car was suspicious and seen in the community for several days, yet no one reported this. Shame on our police in Jamaica, because I can personally attest to this experience myself and I very rarely need police assistance.

The incident was not reported by the victim, at the time of publication, so we may never know the name of the victim, whether investigations have been carried out, or who the assailants are ?

The outcry of many is ‘What has Jamaica come to?’ ‘Jamaica gaan to the dogs’

Many will be referring to the spotlight which is now on the repeal of the ‘Buggery law’. Even though the world has embraced the homosexual lifestyle, what will be Jamaica’s stance? Nigeria said NO!! to President Obama’s influence. Will Jamaica do so as well?

See article below or at Male jogger gang-raped

Man assaulted in early-morning attack by armed men at Queen Hill

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PEOPLE who flock Queen Hill in St Andrew to jog or walk in the mornings are now apprehensivefollowing the brutal gang-rape of a male jogger in that community early Monday.The man, the Jamaica Observer was told, is now suffering from serious injuries and mental trauma after the harrowing experience.

A group of joggers reportedly found the victim naked, with his hands and feet bound, sitting on the sidewalk at the foot of the hill close to Perkins Boulevard.

“He was found by some females who were shocked and even more surprised to see that he was bleeding heavily from his rectum,” one man, who said he assisted in untying the victim, told the Observer.

The man reportedly parked his car at a nearby apartment complex and was about to jog when a white car drove up with two armed men who held him at gunpoint. The men, our source said, were also carrying knives.

The hoodlums proceeded to tear off the jogger’s clothes and took turns at buggering him.

“The man was so torn up and ashamed. He had to retrieve his torn clothes in order to get his car keys and someone lent him clothes so he could avoid further embarrassment,” a jogger said.

The incident has driven fear into the people who exercise on that section of the hill daily.

“Several persons have told me that they were in fear and are apprehensive to go back because of what happened. It was not a pretty sight,” the jogger said.

“We used to protect the females and tell them to walk in groups, but it now seems we, the males, are the target. This cannot be allowed to continue,” the man said.

The man said the joggers tried to contact the police but were unsuccessful.

“We called the Duhaney Park and Constant Spring police, but we got no response. I am not sure if he reported the incident,” the man said.

Yesterday, police from the St Andrew South Division said they received no report of the incident. However, it was confirmed by a member of the Queen Hill community, who said the men drove a white car and were armed with a gun and a knife.

“There is a suspicious-looking white car that is parked in the community in the mornings and evenings. Nobody knows the men, but a lot of people come up here so we can’t be sure who is who,” the resident said.

3 thoughts on “Jamaica gaan to the dogs – Male jogger gang-raped by armed men at Queen Hill

  1. Read Robyn says:

    Aside from the shoddy reporting in the article, I feel kind of let down by hearing about this. It’s going to be yet another source of turmoil for the ongoing battle between activists and the less open-minded, despite the fact that this has been going on for years (which is part of the problem).

    If we stopped making such a big deal of publicly shaming any kind of vaguely homosexual behaviour, more men would come forward about these crimes, more perpetrators would be brought to justice. The public would be aware that this is a real part of our society, not something that has just “sprung up” since homosexuals decided to “get on bad”.

    And as one of the comments so kindly pointed out, the men don’t even have to be homosexual. Rape is all about power, and some straight men rape other men just to get that.


    • L. says:

      I have empathy for the poor man. Many years ago as a teen, in NYC, I was placed into the control of a group of Jamaican Athletes. I am a white male, and was feminized by them for several days. I am not Philosophically Gay; however, my body betrayed me and I did enjoy being dressed as a girl and used as one. I was not hurt as was the poor jogger. rather than be bitter, I choose to see it as a learning experience. L.


      • Denise N. Fyffe, Writer says:

        Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. I hope others will see it and take what they need from it.
        It is a pity that these events are actually more common than we know. It is good that more people are sharing and those who need healing can begin the process. Thanks L.


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