Angry-Black-Woman - dealing with horrible bosses

Confessions of a Horrible Boss: Hold Him Back

Go-To-Your-Happy-Place - horrible bosses

Go-To-Your-Happy-Place – horrible bosses

It is a long, expensive process to drive someone out of a company. But I have patience. And I’ll enjoy watching him suffer. He thinks he can do my job? Not a chance! I control if and when my employees shine. And I can make sure any opportunities bypass him. My options are limitless.

  • I can shoot down and ignore his ideas;
  • keep him off committees, meetings, and projects;
  • and make him wait as I stall,
  • raise hurdles,
  • complicate,
  • and forget.
  • Yes, he’ll work according to my schedule.
  • And I dare him to go around me!

It is the perfect punishment:

  • He’ll go nowhere,
  • left to rot in the same job,
  • never to move up.
  • I’ll dull his skills,
  • sour his attitude,
  • and leave him doubting himself.
  • In other words, I’ll make him average.


Written by Jeff Schmitt

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