horrible bosses courtesy of yourerc-com

Confessions of a Horrible Boss: Isolate Him

horrible bosses courtesy of yourerc-com

horrible bosses courtesy of yourerc-com

Your views change when you move into management. He wouldn’t understand. You want people around whom you can trust. When they start voicing concerns, you have to act. Right now, he doesn’t know how alone he truly is. He crossed me, his boss. That makes him radioactive.

Does he really think his peers will stand by him? Yeah, they gripe and talk tough. When time comes to act, they’ll make excuses and take cover. They’ll take the hint. They have families to feed and will fall in line. I don’t blame them. This isn’t their fight – at least not yet. And no one wants to end up on the losing side.

So where else can he go? Other managers, you say? They may sympathize with him. But they need me. Some owe me big time. And all of them have rebels on their own teams. They’ll look the other way.

And that brings me to human resources. Here’s the surprise: Their job is to protect the company’s interests. And that’s usually defined as management’s interests – my interests. HR will listen to him, sure. Then, they’ll report everything he said back to me. They’re in my pocket too.

See where this is going? The deck is stacked. If he pushes, the team will distance themselves from him. He’ll become a pariah who just doesn’t fit in anymore. And no one can survive like that very long.


Written by Jeff Schmitt

Reblogged via http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffschmitt/2012/12/10/retaliation-a-guide-for-vindictive-bosses/



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