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Confessions of a Horrible Boss: Dilute His Role

vindictive horrible bosses

vindictive horrible bosses

I admit it. Sometimes, I fantasize about re-structuring him out of his job. But that’d be too easy. Instead, I can remind him of his place and who’s truly in charge. And I’ll start by shrinking his role and influence.

How? Glad you asked!

As a manager, I control assignments, workflow, staffing, and budgets. And it’s an intricate balance, keeping everyone happy while ensuring everything runs smoothly. Maybe it’s time I direct more mind-numbing tasks his way. Who says I need to keep him in the loop all the time? I can just as easily withhold information and go around him…to make sure tasks are done correctly, of course. And what law requires me to divvy out resources equally? This is a business and some projects and accounts deserve more investment than others – in my humble opinion.

Sometimes, he’ll draw the short straw – and I’ll just couch it that it’s in the company’s best interests (or remind him of his weaknesses). I’ll pretend to be oblivious, as I slowly take things away. These little slights add up, trust me. I’ll watch him pack on the pounds and wreck his marriage from the stress. He can’t hold the frustration in forever. No one can. Eventually, he’ll fight back. It’s always better that way. When he blows up, I only hope it’s in writing or around witnesses. I’m already keeping a special file on him to lay the groundwork. I can cherry pick small incidents, take them out of context, and spin them to establish a pattern and build my case. Sure, insubordination is all in the eyes of the beholder. But the system is rigged in my favor.


Written by Jeff Schmitt

Reblogged via http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffschmitt/2012/12/10/retaliation-a-guide-for-vindictive-bosses/



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