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Confessions of a Horrible Boss: Pit the Team Against Him


horrible bosses courtest of hrreview-net

horrible bosses courtesy of hrreview-net

Ever see how the military handles troublemakers?

If one guy steps out of line, the brass punishes the entire unit. Pretty smart: Why do the dirty work yourself when you can rely on peer pressure? So the next time he stirs up conflict, I’ll just condition the team’s response by adding something unpleasant or removing something pleasant. They may blame me, but they’ll punish him. They don’t want to hear his rationalizations. They just want their lives back the way they were. And they’ll shun or gang up on him to make it happen.  Yes, it’s all about cause and consequence. I just have to pull the right strings. B.F. Skinner would be so proud.


Written by Jeff Schmitt

Reblogged via http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffschmitt/2012/12/10/retaliation-a-guide-for-vindictive-bosses/



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