Jamaican Gambling: Are You at Risk for Problem Gambling?

gambling casinos in JamaicaBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe

Gambling is very fun, exciting and can be overly addictive. There are millions of people each year that cannot resist the urge to gamble. Many are lured by the bright lights and promises. But essentially and at its core it is the diversion, the distraction, the ability to be able to pull you away from your problems. Gambling is very pleasurable and there are like minded people around who enjoy the same things as you.

Casinos even take advantage of this is pull you in even further with free offers, drinks, rooms and free entries into big stakes games; simply winning a lot for noting. They still get a pay off because you will spend or lose more than you actually gain. There are many places in the world where you can go to gamble. The most famous of them all being Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the United States of America. However, a contrast to this is the fact that online gambling is illegal in the USA.

But online gambling in and of itself is a major cause in gambling addiction, because you have access to do so whenever you wish. It is right there at home, you don’t need physical cash and there are thousands of websites from all over the world that are just there luring you in with freerolls and offers. Please do note not all people who gamble are actually addicted. But even with their difference, age, race, sex, nationality and culture; gambling addiction is experience by a wide cross-section of people.

There is always a reason why people turn to gambling. It may vary greatly from financial problems, relationship issues, death, depression, and many other triggers. But they all are trying to escape from them; even temporarily. Some people become addicted when they have lost a lot of money and spend a great deal of time trying to get it back; and in the end they keep on losing money hence the cycle continues. But you should also note that gambling addiction often doesn’t only affect the individual, but also friends, family, co-workers, health and many other things.

You are at risk of having a gambling addiction if you have certain traits or tendencies. If you are addicted to any other substance like drugs, alcohol, or even sex; you can become a gambling addict. Do you have a history or genetic probability of anxiety, mood disorders, depression and other psychological disorders? Did you start gambling at a young age? Are you male? More men become addicts than women. Also if you live close to or have consistent access to gambling locations or portals. All these can lead to gambling addiction. If you suspect this, seek professional help.


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