Prophecy, Isis the migrating locusts

Like the plague of locusts in the old testament, in the days of Israel’s enslavement in Egypt. This world will be given over to them for a time.

Revealing the Christian Life Ministry

As much as possible, I try to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and inquire what He wishes to communicate, first thing in the morning. The Lord usually communicates to me via my spirit and mostly through images. On January 19, 2016 he gave me a picture or pictures of the Islamic State or Isis movement in this world.


I see the locusts swarming the plains of the East. They build in numbers and devastate the land. They have multiplied and expand beyond even the strongest barriers needling in like iron gnats on steroids.

I see the swarm of the East, multiplying and infesting their hosts, preaching a radical message of hate.

They ride the backs of the spirits of war, death, hate, perversion.

I see them worming their way to the South.

I see them worming their way to the West.

They build underground like groundhogs and surface only…

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