Understanding a Shopaholic’s Addiction

Shopping is a favourite past time of many women. They find pleasure in getting all the latest designs in jewellery, shoes, clothes and all manner of fashion accessories. Shopping is addictive as well. You get the same high as you would from taking drugs or alcohol. The sad fact is that not all off the people, who love to shop and shop constantly, can afford to do so.

shopping 3

Then there came the movie confession of a shopaholic. The movie depicted the life of a young lady who had a Shopping problem and even though she possessed many items of clothing and accessories; she still could not resist the urge to get the designer items and take advantage of the bargain and sales that were going on; hence the title confession of a shopaholic. This movie was quite popular with older and younger women; as many could see themselves in the main character. You can rest assured that thousands might have sought to change their ways after seeing how devastating the practise is; if they are objective of course.

The term ‘a shopaholic’ is most times given to a woman. This tends to be stemmed from the fact that women love to shop.

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Just like any addiction, it can wreak havoc on your life and not only on your financial one, at that. If you are not wealthy you could soon run into debt and might even face bankruptcy. A shopaholic usually will max out their credit cards, and even take out loans to fund their addiction.

Being a shopaholic is curable, if you are willing to seek help. Other addicts will tell you that the urge is physical and it will be an uphill battle every day. You must first seek professional help. You can get this through support groups and even a therapist.


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