The Life of a 21st Century Prophet, Enduring the Isolation

The only influence a servant of God should have, is Jesus Christ himself. This is for the purifying of the servant. You remember that story about the potter and the clay? It is all about serving the fire, alone, for most prophets.

Revealing the Christian Life Ministry

I am alone most of the time and I have not only come to accept this, but I now understand why.

It’s been five years since I have been sequestered in this spot. I can’t move, until God says go. Believe me, I tried. I ended up living beside a obeah woman, in a house given over to demons and another house, owned by Judas.

So you see, I gotta stay put!

During this time, I kicked, screamed, rebelled, went silent and eventually accepted my present dwelling. Eventually, God shifted out the family members who were with me, as they unknowingly and knowingly put me at risk of life threatening demonic attacks and much more.

Soon, I was truly alone, with the exception of when I went to work. I was a loner from day one, but in the last ten years everyone has been stripped away. No idle moments…

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