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Dealing with Workplace Harassment: The Weekly Meeting Prayer

Workplace Harassment is a reality for many people. Millions of people suffer daily, the oppression meted out by their employers. These people suffer in silence; some people become depressed and even commit suicide. Some ‘go postal’ and commit mass murder.

Here , I will take the opportunity to share my experiences and I hope many learn ‘what not to do’ as well.

The weekly meeting prayer

Horrible boss syndrome - The weekly meeting prayer

Horrible boss syndrome – The weekly meeting prayer

Nothing is wrong with praying in meetings, as a Christian, I encourage it. However, I don’t take hypocrisy to God and I don’t use my prayers to threaten or spit in people’s face. This is not what Christianity is about. When this type of behavior presents itself, it is a sign of a warped and immoral rendition of what Christ was really about.

Therefore, I would be in no mood to close my eyes and stand in agreement with someone who uses their prayer to threaten an employee, indirectly, or exercise their authority and power in that manner.

According to my pet Talking Tom on my Android Tablet: “No no no, no no, no no no”. I won’t be in agreement with that one.

A few years back, I suffered through this immoral behavior, which was a recurrence in our team meetings. One morning, we had an unscheduled meeting; this was after enduring a week of seething indifference. It was a break from the constant nitpicking and micromanaging.

So, with eyes open but downcast on the floor, examining my need for a pedicure, my supervisor begins to pray.

“Lord, ….we need to be thankful that we have jobs…we must come and do …” she prayed.

By then my coworkers had their eyes open. One looked at me with a raised eyebrow, and I shrugged with indifference. As the prayer got more and more offensive they exchanged looks, as if to say ‘can you believe this?’

I sighed, this was nothing new to me and I am so over it.

Nothing else needed to be said, it was clear that my supervisor was after my job and life in this office would continue to be a saga of stressful situations.


As a professional manager, never browbeat or use prayer in such a way. Managers are placed in their roles to guide, encourage and motivate their employees. As human beings, many of us can detect when another is gunning after or our jobs. Treat people with respect and let’s end this immoral cycle of employee oppression in the workplace.


Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe



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