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Dealing with Workplace Harassment: It’s gone nuclear in my head

woman-freaking-outIt’s gone nuclear in my head. I feel numb. I try to run from the blast radius.

Impossible, cause its in my head.

I am done being harassed, disrespected, continually ridiculed, and suffer silently from the vindictive behavior. I cannot take it all anymore. Today my cup overflowed and it wasn’t from Psalm 23. This was more than I could bear and Kirk Franklin singing otherwise was not convincing me that it wasn’t. I had enough of the bipolar episodes and vindictive maltreatment.

I need surgery, my mom has chikungunya and heart complications; I have not the first dime, and I was clutching to dear life to fall into a psychotic tar pit. I could not bear anymore.

I got up out of that meeting faster than Superman running from kryptonite. The adrenaline was making me twitch and I felt possessed. Murder one was not going to be on my record.

I stepped into the ‘woMAN’s’ bathroom to quell the demons and when I returned to my desk they were laughing like a gang of successful bank robbers, in that den of Babylon. Obviously, their mission was accomplished. They had frustrated me enough to make me crack. We would see who had the last laugh.

Horrible bosses usually frustrate workers until they quit in frustration and they also goad you until you make an unprofessional outburst; specifically with witnesses around other than themselves. In the meeting, having yet again heard a subtle threat about me working at the institution, in the future – “If, Ms. …. is not satisfied with working here, then we will go back to depending on Mr. …..”.

Thoughts of Labour Union, Ministry of Labour, Law Suit for emotional and psychological distress and human rights group riots ran through my head. But, I remember, the pen is mightier. I started to record every ill treatment.

I now decided to send my official complaint to HR, because I could no longer cope with the horrible boss syndrome.

I have only worked in one other place – the Freezone – under Jamaican managers -where I had to endure this type of lack of professionalism. My own was about to slip at this point and I just could not have that.

I called a lawyer, got the advice I needed and it was now ‘game on’.

I met with HR and officially highlighted my complaints. Of course, I was very emotional and hardly functional. I allowed this to get to me, but I am only human. Two years was more than most could endure. It takes a lunatic to deal with a lunatic and I am not that far gone.

TBC radio, thank God for it. Incredible praises were filling my ears and being a balm to my harassed and abused spirit.


Many people suffer in silence; ridden by stress and abuse. Workplace harassment is a reality. It is abuse just like physical abuse! We should not tolerate it just because someone is paying us every month. I encourage you to rise up and protect yourselves. Report it and stop this immoral occurrence in the workplace.

She has published several books of poetry including Jamaican Honey and Sauce’, Jamaican Pebbles, Love under the Caribbean Stars and Jamaican Pebbles: Poetry Pocketbook.

Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Workplace Harassment: It’s gone nuclear in my head

  1. LW says:

    Good for you. I, too, have a bully at work, and documented the bad behavior and finally went to HR. I’m still in process of seeing what will happen. Remember, you are not alone, you are not crazy. Bullying is a true issue in the workplace.


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