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Dealing with Workplace Harassment: The Calm before…

She is not in office today, “tank yuh Jesus”!

madea hallelujer

madea hallelujer

I prayed like Daniel, Elijah and Jesus before crucification; even like David trying to sweet up God. I really needed peace. I was not able to psychologically or emotionally handle anymore anxiety or stress.

Psychologists would describe me as ‘internalising’ – bottling it all in. The one who grins and bear it – and then blows like Mount Pompeii; taking no prisoners. I am trying desperately to maintain my professionalism and sanity.

They say if you hang around mad people long enough, ‘yuh soon come in like dem’. Heaven forbid!

The last two days were spent venting through my writing and de-stressing as much as possible. Writing is essential, therapeutic.

My neighbour read my stories and said I made her day; she couldn’t stop laughing. At least someone else is finding the humour in all of this.

Today, peace reigns; just like any day when she is not in office. The atmosphere is light. Nonetheless, I am sighing heavily. My body feels ’12 years a slave’.

A response from HR, “Your manager says she knows nothing about how you are feeling and why“.

I am sure Cain said the same when he was confronted about Abel. Except, God sees and knows everything. I do pray that it all works out and when the anger subsides, I will have to pray for her too. I have realised that when you pray for good things in your ‘enemies’ lives, they have no time or desire to mess with you; they are too happy.

This is the good part, “please note that in the meantime we are making arrangements for you to see the counselor, who will guide you with coping“.

Did you notice?

I need to learn how to cope!

I need to learn how to exist with harassment, bipolar, vindictive and extreme micromanaging behaviour.


Will counseling be recommended for her?

No, it was not.

The serial corporate psychopathic behavior continued. I pity the fawns who dare stray inside those walls.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the calm before…



Many people suffer in silence; ridden by stress and abuse. Workplace harassment is a reality. It is abuse just like physical abuse! We should not tolerate it just because someone is paying us every month. I encourage you to rise up and protect yourselves. Report it and stop this immoral occurrence in the workplace.

She has published several books of poetry including ‘Jamaican Honey and Sauce’, Jamaican Pebbles, Love under the Caribbean Stars and Jamaican Pebbles: Poetry Pocketbook.

Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe


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