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Dealing with Workplace Harassment: Letter to my Workplace Abusers

Letter to my Workplace Abusers

Anger is one of the strongest motivators on planet Earth.

Injustice, the fuel which sparks a forest fire that brings only destruction and calamity.

Respect, fairness, and justice; with these, one can douse the flames created by injustice and anger.

When I started to catalog my experience of dealing with workplace harassment, I was angry.

My focus was on excavating that lethal anger, which coursed through my veins. I tried to drain the stress symptoms which were assassinating me every second, of every day. My neck, my back, my head, my sleep, my relationships were a ticking, time bomb about to explode.

Back then, I struggled to activate a measure of objectivity.

Now, I aim to utilize the emotions that fuel my writing and channel it into a more positive outcome, seeing as there was no hope of me getting any in that workplace. I hope my words will now be focused on educating the masses on issues like job satisfaction, female bosses, employee rights, employee duties, workplace fairness, corporate psychopaths and other workplace issues.

It is with absolute certainty that I also say that I have a captive audience; those who surveillance my blogs, my written works, my online activity and my online accounts.

Some of you are the culprits and today, I will work to provide you with a University of Life education that you have skipped out on. Hopefully, the God you claim to serve, will finally and truly be allowed in your heart to bring about positive change; so that, the abuse, malice and hurt that you continue to distribute unbiased, ends.



Many people suffer in silence; ridden by stress and abuse. Workplace harassment is a reality. It is abuse just like physical abuse! We should not tolerate it just because someone is paying us every month. I encourage you to rise up and protect yourselves. Report it and stop this immoral occurrence in the workplace.

She has published several books of poetry including ‘Jamaican Honey and Sauce’, Jamaican Pebbles, Love under the Caribbean Stars and Jamaican Pebbles: Poetry Pocketbook.

Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe


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