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ARC Manufacturing: Building A Legacy

The angry grey skies, release their tears in torrents upon the zinc roofs at 14 Bell Road; but this does not stop the workers from carrying on with their duties. The security guard and designated gate man are kept rather busy as vehicles go in and out, much like the intersection at Three Mile. The gates roll open to allow free passage of ARC trucks and trailers, vans and cars of buyers, contractors and ARC workers. Work never stops for ARC Manufacturing.

arc manufacturing jamaica trailer with cement

It’s been twenty years, since this manufacturing and construction giant has graced the Jamaican landscape. In 1996, they set up shop in a container on Asheinhem Road, as a small manufacturer of zinc sheeting. Now, they occupy 20 acres of land on Bell Road. The property spans Bell Road in the West to Development Road in the East. If you plan to walk the entire property, you might need to done comfortable shoes. From front to back, there are more than a dozen buildings, with machines churning away inside.

Over the years, due to the visionary leadership of Norman Horne and the directors of ARC, there has been considerable growth and product diversity. Bell Road is home to five manufacturing plants; producing nails, wire products, roofing products, fabric mesh and treating lumber. There are also warehousing and distribution hubs, along with office buildings for the administrative and sales staff. The company also has sales offices, warehouse and distribution hub at 1313-1317, Ironshore Crescent in Montego Bay.

IMG_5803ARC Manufacturing, though understated in its ego, is one of Jamaica’s top manufacturing companies. They are the only manufacturer of zinc sheets in Jamaica. ARC is the only supplier of treated wood and they dominate the local market in providing quality roofing products, construction fabric mesh, quarter wire and drawn wire. ARC remains the leading manufacturer of nails and the sole manufacturer of binding wire in Jamaica and has effectively competed in this market segment against foreign imports.

In 20 years, ARC has done what few companies in Jamaica and the world, has done. They rallied from a devastating global recession, which wiped out their profits and equity; to not only maintain economic viability as a business, but they continue to see consistent growth in sales and market share in Jamaica and the Caribbean. ARC reinvests its billion dollar profits not only in the local market, but also in the human capital of its surrounding communities.

The evening sky is now crisp with orange and gold streaks, as dusk creeps across the land. The gates at 14 Bell Road continues to open and close with frequency. There has been a shift change, but the hardworking machines, shaking the sturdy, zinc roofed buildings, continue to vibrate as the machines diligently churn out nails, wires, zincs and many more products sold by ARC manufacturing; Jamaica’s building supplies specialists.


About the writer:
Poetess Denise N. Fyffe is a published author for more than six years and enjoys volunteering as a Counselor. She has transitioned into being a Jamaican blogger and freelance writer.

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