Rio 2016 Olympics: Results Of The Women’s 100m Hurdles Semi Finals

megan simmonds at the rio olympics

The Jamaican women did not fair well in the Women’s 100m hurdles semi finals, at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Shermane Williams, Nickiesha Wilson and  Megan Simmonds finished fifth, seventh and fifth respectively. All the ladies ran without injury or major mishap unlike several of the hurdlers.


Shermane Williams at the rio olympics results

Nickiesha Wilson at the rio olympics results


1 Brianna Rollins United States 12.47s
2 Kristi Castlin United States 12.63s
3 Pedrya Seymour Bahamas 12.64s
4 Nia Ali United States 12.65s
5 Cindy Roleder Germany 12.69s
6 Cindy Ofili Great Britain 12.71s
7 Phylicia George Canada 12.77s
8 Tiffany Porter Great Britain 12.82s
9 Shermaine Williams Jamaica 12.86s
10 Isabelle Pedersen Norway 12.88s
11 Oluwatobiloba Amusan Nigeria 12.91s
12 Pamela Dutkiewicz Germany 12.92s
13 Andrea Ivančević Croatia 12.93s
14 Nadine Hildebrand Germany 12.95s
15 Megan Simmonds Jamaica 12.95s
16 Clélia Reuse Switzerland 12.96s
17 Cindy Billaud France 13.03s
18 Nooralotta Neziri Finland 13.04s
19 Nickiesha Wilson Jamaica 13.14s
20 Sandra Gomis France 13.23s
21 Alina Talay Belarus 13.66s

 Schedule for Jamaican Athletes


8:55 a.m.: Women’s 800m Round 1

6:45 p.m.: Women’s 100m Hurdles semi-finals
7:15 p.m.: Women’s Long Jump Final
8:00 p.m.: Men’s 200m semi-finals
8:30 p.m.: Women’s 200m Final
8:55 p.m.: Women’s 100m Hurdles Final



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