Fibroids: The Alien Assassins in My Body

Fibroids testimonial – Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis? by Denise N. Fyffe

My doctor, Dr. Rishi Chand, visits the next day at noon after the surgery; it is then I learned the true seriousness of what

ovary-with-cysts-and-normal-ovary-diagram courtesy of wisegeek

ovary-with-cysts-and-normal-ovary-diagram courtesy of wisegeek

occurred. My womb had more surprises than was originally planned for. It seems not only my veins were playing hide and seek, but my womb too. Not to mention it was ‘cemented’ into place by endometriosis.

Say what now!!

More information is provided in my book. See details below.


Check out her book Fibroids: The Alien Assassins in My Body

Fibroids: The Alien Assassins in My Body by Denise N Fyffe

In this testimonial, Denise shares intimate details from her childhood through to adulthood. She discusses, how fibroids or as they are also called myomas, fibromyomas, or leiomyomas, have affected her daily life and the adjustments that she was forced to make. After reading this book, women will become more informed about a disease that affects 80 percent of women; while making life miserable for one in four.

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