How To Build Trust In Your Marriage

Planning your wedding day is very exciting and it will take up a lot of your time; you’ll be consumed with it. So although that’s a great thing and the day will be wonderful because of it, many couples don’t think about what comes next; the marriage itself. They are happy to get married, they envision their ideal big day, and then they might have a honeymoon planned, but what happens when all that is over and you get back to your normal life? 

Marriage isn’t something that can thrive well when no work is put into it, so it’s crucial that you understand what you need to do, and that sometimes you will have challenges to overcome. Sometimes that will make these challenges easier to deal with is trust; the more trust you have in your marriage, the more enjoyable it will be overall.

So here are some tips on how to build trust in your marriage so that, between you, you can cope with anything life throws at you. 

how to build trust in marriage

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Keep Your Promises 

One thing that can undo trust more quickly than almost anything else is a broken promise.

You’ve just made vows on your wedding day, and these are obviously important promises to keep, but they’re not the only ones; there are many small promises you make every day without, in some cases, even thinking about it. Something like saying you’ll pick something up from the store or take the trash out or make time at the weekend to go shopping for paint, or anything at all, and then not following through, can be problematic. 

Over time, these small broken promises will build up into a high level of mistrust. To keep trust in your marriage, keep your promises, and if you don’t think you’ll be able to, don’t make them in the first place. 

Be Honest 

Being honest is often harder than telling a white lie, especially if you think it might hurt someone’s feelings or cause a bigger problem, but telling the truth is always the best option in marriage.

If you continue to tell half-truths or you outright lie (and yes, even these small white lies count), then you won’t ever be truly happy. If you have a love addiction or you don’t like the way they talk to you or you are worried about finances, this all needs to be discussed or nothing will ever change. 

Telling your partner how you really feel and what you want to happen in your relationship, and listening to their response and their ideas about what needs to happen, is something that, with honesty involved, will make for a much happier marriage in the long term than lies that mean people have to live with problems that would otherwise be solved. 

Embrace Change 

Change will come at various times throughout your marriage. You’ll get older, you’ll live in different places, your careers might change, you might have children, and so much more. If you’re not ready to embrace these changes, however big or small they might be, you might find that your marriage suffers because of it. 

The more willing you are to embrace change and roll with it (as far as it makes sense to do so), the more you can show that you have trust in the relationship, and the better it will be for the both of you.


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