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Gift Ideas for Someone Who Been Married Before

What do you get someone who is getting married another time around? This will call for a bit of creative thinking; whether it is a renewal of vows or another different marriage, persons at the point usually has the household items they need. The size of the wedding gift may be of some consideration, but your friendship with the persons will dictate the type, size, and cost of the wedding gift.

Your friends will be understanding if you do not break the bank and give them another pricey item, if you did the first time. By also being a friend you would have been more aware of their needs. Unlike someone who is a business acquaintance who would speed less on a gift and get a more generic item.

On the second or so marriage, either party would have already have many if not all the household items, that people usually get as wedding gifts. They would have furnished their place and live in a particular style. You may look at a couple of things, in order to figure out what wedding gift to give the. What are their hobbies? Who do they spend their evening doing? What’s their career?

Do they like travelling? Di they like books? Do they like shows, sports or live performances? Do they like clothing that support their beliefs and cause? These questions will guide you on the best gift to get them.

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If either the bride or groom is into arts or culture there is a variety of wedding gifts you can get them. Paintings make for lovely wedding gifts. Art sculptures, clay pots, unique pieces, or even a piece from their favorite artists will make them extremely happy.

Also if they are into entertaining and socializing you could give them pieces to add to their bars, kitchen or basements. To add an extra special touch, you can get them into shows, theatre, and opera and have them meet their favorite artists backstage; they will be totally ecstatic about your wedding gift and probably never forget. You would be the toast of their get-togethers for many years.

You can also get them memberships that align to their hobbies. For example, base-ball season tickets, annual pass to theme parks, annual membership to a wine club, cheese club or book club. You can also have service deliver a little gift for them on their first anniversary, many wine clubs do this. If you have a very close relationship with either the bride or groom, or both; you can think about getting them individual wedding gifts. Jewlery is always a desired piece of any bride, so you cannot go wrong in getting that for her. It should be easier than you think, if you have a close relationship with any of the persons getting married because you know what the need, want and desire.

By: Denise N. Fyffe.


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