Salute to Jamaican women on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day however women should be celebrated every day. They are the pillars and corner stone of our homes, communities and society. They are the ones who often shape us as individuals and provide unconditional love.

Being a strong role model and nurturer, women play their roles selflessly. They sacrifice to ensure that their children and all those who are around them are cared for and loved. We know our mothers to be some of the strongest people on earth. They steer us and teach the guiding principles that we often live by, as adults. They are always there even as adults when we need refuge and support.

I take time out to salute the women leaders of our country and industries; for being no less than any man, but continuing to excel and launch new endeavours in the business world. To our women doctors, lawyers, ministers, auxiliary workers, farmers, nurses, police, bus drivers and every other woman in the centres and outskirts of our island Jamaica. I salute you.

Thank you for being the shoulder we can cry on

Thank you for putting food on the table

Thank you for your sacrifice

Thank you for teaching lessons of love;

Thank you for being that kind face in the hospital

Thank you for being that understanding and gentle teacher in the classroom

Thank you for enforcing and protecting our rights

Thank you for your hard work,

…as you continue to toil, every day and night.


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Book Excerpt On The Guidance Counsellor’s Handbook by Denise N. Fyffe

The Guidance Counsellor’s Handbook by Denise N. Fyffe



While pursuing my studies in counselling, I noticed that all the books we used were from overseas authors. As such, I decided to ensure that I represented for our country as well. It is the responsibility of writers, who can, to not be selfish in their endeavors, but to think about our countries welfare as well.

You will find that the knowledge contained in this book encapsulates the history and overall growth of school counselling in the western Hemisphere.


Responsibilities to Students

The professional school counsellor has a primary obligation to the student, who is to be treated with respect as a unique individual[1]. This ensures and encourages the self-esteem and confidence of that student. In treating the individual with respect the counsellor is therefore enforcing and upholding the basic right and constitution of the individual. The counsellor is also concerned with the educational, academic, career, personal and social needs and encourages the maximum development of every student. It is the responsibility of the counsellor to act as facilitator/overseer, the one who ensures if no one else does, that the child is receiving education and that they grow as a complete and healthy human being. Also this allows the counsellor to identify the specific needs of this ‘unique’ child and in most cases train, coach, and teach them.

Another responsibility of the school counsellor is to respect the student’s values and beliefs and do not impose their (the counsellor’s) personal values. This is compulsory because every individual have a right and freedom to possess their own particular belief. They should be informed that they (the student) have a right to express their beliefs. The counsellor should advise the student that they too should respect other’s differences and diverse nature. Knowledge of the laws, regulations and policies is compulsory as it relates to students, and counsellor must strive to protect and inform students regarding their rights. Without knowledge we cannot function and perform our tasks. If the counsellor does not know what atrocities are being committed against a student, then he/she will not be able to protect them.


Read more in The Guidance Counsellor’s Handbook

guidance-counsThe Guidance Counsellor’s Handbook, introduces the Jamaican educational system and highlights the psychometric movement, the trait and factor theory as well as legislation that impacted the development of present guidelines and ethical standards. It also explores the counselling process, issues of school management, school organisational structure and several counselling techniques which are apt for the school setting. The book also examines the various roles and responsibilities of a Jamaican Guidance Counsellor and provides a list of resource centers in Jamaica.

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Why Should We Deep Condition Our Hair?


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Deep conditioning (DC) is important to maintaining healthy and happy hair – natural or relaxed. If performed on a regular basis, this treatment helps our hair retain moisture and protects it “deep” within the fiber to support the hair until the next treatment. The protective action of regular conditioners last only a few days. Therefore, more dedicated and regular DC efforts are needed, states Audrey Davis-Sivasothy, author of the The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.

I apply DC treatments to my hair at least twice per month using one of my DIY concoctions*. If you are experiencing extremely dry or damaged hair, this treatment is suggested once a week until your hair regains its strength. After that point, frequency is based on personal preference. After a treatment, I can immediately notice how soft and moisturized my hair feels. My curls and coils are more defined and the elasticity is amazing!

I rarely (if ever) use heat on my hair except when deep conditioning. I like the Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap. It was recommended by another Natural and I’ve used it for about 2 years. There are three heat settings but I find the lowest setting works well for me. Although heated treatments are effective, the natural warmth from our scalp and bodies is just as effective.

Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap

Below is my typical DC routine. I make minor adjustments as needed but basically this is one key element to how I maintain soft, moisturized and manageable hair.

My DC Routine

  • After shampooing, I apply the conditioner to my hair in small sections ensuring full coverage (much like applying a relaxer). I pay special attention to the ends. This is the oldest part of our hair and requires extra care
  • I detangle with my fingers as I go along and make 6-8 chunky twists. This method keeps my hair from re-tangling during the rinsing phase
  • I cover with a processing cap and sit with a heating cap for 30 minutes. Tip:  DCs should be left on until the hair becomes soft. This could be 15 minutes or 40 minutes. Adjust the timing according to your hair’s needs
  • I allow my hair to cool prior to rinsing
  • While still wearing the twists, I rinse thoroughly with cool water. This ensures the cuticles close properly.

Read more via Why Should We Deep Condition Our Hair? | Aim 4 Natural.

Jamaican Lifestyle: Transitioning from Beauty magazines to beauty blogs

Marie Claire

Marie Claire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
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Can you remember when you were younger walking into stores and scanning through all the beauty magazines? Did you used to have a stash of beauty magazines in your room? This is a common practice among women. It is almost an essential item in our own private stash; that of having a beauty magazine tucked away. This is how we learnt how to put on makeup, find out what clothing, fashion and styles are in season along with how to style our hair.

There are so many of these magazines and each having millions of subscribers and readers. Many carry popular movie stars, celebrities and sports athletes on their cover. This is for the reason that young impressible girls are always following the trends that they sell and it is a way of selling their beauty magazine and widening the viewership.

Some of the more popular and high-ranking magazines include Allure, Marie Claire,

Glamour (magazine)

Glamour (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cosmopolitan, Elle,    Glamour, Redbook, Ladies’ Home Journal, Self, Shape, Vogue and Woman’s Day. Allure is high on the list and has thousands of subscribers to its beauty magazine. It was started in New York by Linda Wells, in 1991; she is still in charge of the company and is the editor in chief.  Her magazine is well-respected and hailed as being witty, intelligent and an innovator. They even have a yearly anticipated best in beauty award where the best of hair-care, skin-care, and makeup products are identified.

With technology we now have access to tons of beauty bogs. There are blogs for every aspect of the fashion and beauty world. You will have age, gender, culture and fashion blogs. Some of the more popular beauty bogs include BellaSugar, Hair Apparent, Splendora Blog, Outblush, Product Girl, We Love Beauty, The Makeup Girl, Jolie Nadine, 55 Secret Street and Makeup Minute rounding off the list.

Jamaican Lifestyle: The Pros and Cons of being a mystery shopper

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
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For someone who loves to shop or investigate the services of merchandise business; then the job of a mystery shopper will be appealing. This particular assignment allows a shopper to evaluate the products and services offered by any company. This opportunity has grown over the years due to the accessibility of the internet to millions of people; therefore more and more secret shopper opportunities and jobs are popping up online.

You will sign up with a mystery shopper company and they will compensate you for the site visits and evaluation that you make. After you register, you will be given an assignment, and then you will receive an evaluation form to fill out. It contains different categories of questions about that particular company or store. You will answer the questions and return the evaluation form. This form can range from a couple of pages to upwards of ten pages.


Shopper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The downside of this secret shopper business is that you have to wait on your compensation; it is not necessarily guaranteed within a particular period. Another detractor is that usually you will have to use your own resources, initially when you go to the places that you have to evaluate. If you are persistent though, you can make more than a hundred dollars a month in this business.

Another appealing aspect of this mystery shopper job is that you can get freebies. Who does not like to get free things? The possibilities are really limitless. You can get free clothes, shoes, doctor and dentist visits, gadgets, gas, hotel rooms and even meals at a restaurant. Very important, never pay up front for registration or even material to become a member. This will be an indication of a fraudulent company trying to scam you of your money. The reputable companies do not require any payment to them for you to sign up.

Jamaican Health and Lifestyle: What causes the Arthritis disease?

Arthrite rhumatoide

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
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The Arthritis disease is actually inflammation in the joints. When injury occurs that joint becomes tender, painful, stiff and swollen. If the inflammation is there for an extended period then the tissues will be permanently damaged.  A joint is located where two bones meet and this can be in areas such as your hands, fingers, hips and knees.


Generally there are over one hundred types of this disease. The more common types are gout, rheumatoid

Typisches Röntgenbild einer Rheumatoiden Arthr...

arthritis and osteoarthritis. When your body has difficulty in getting rid of the uric acid, you develop gout in your wrists, knees or big toes. Rheumatoid arthritis can affect the same areas including your back. It develops when the immune system starts attacking the body and the lining of the joint gets swollen. If the cartilage from your bones wears down it is a cause of arthritis and you can get osteoarthritis. This arthritis disease comes with friction in the back as well as the spine, when that cartilage lining is not there. It is very painful.


A main cause of arthritis disease is simply aging. The weight bearing, especially in cases where people are


obese and overuse of your joints acts on the lining and it degenerates overtime. Some people develop the arthritis disease because of their genetic makeup. Others are at risk because they do repetitive actions throughout their lifetime like sewing, texting, or typing.


There are several preventative measures that you can take to avoid becoming an arthritis patient. First and foremost learn to control your weight. This can be done by exercising, using light weight and eating healthy. You can do exercises that require little to no contact or impact like swimming and yoga. Also, try not to engage in activities where you have a high possibility of being injured.


Jamaican Health: Cystic Fibrosis


Cystic fibrosis genes causes mucus builds up in areas such as your pancreas as well as your lungs. The mucus becomes very thick and the individual will have problems breathing. Other related issues will include growth, digestion and nutrition issues. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease and the cystic fibrosis life expectancy varies among individuals.

In times past, people with the Cystic fibrosis genes did not live for a very long time. Now with the advances in medicine they are able to have cystic fibrosis life expectancy well into their thirties. Over ten million Americans including well over thirty thousand children are suffering from this debilitating disease. (Provide a link for this statistics) Millions more have the genes but do not suffer from the illness. You have to possess genes of cystic fibrosis from both parents.

Some of the symptoms of the disease include poor oxygen levels in the blood as well as the clubbing effect in the appearance of the fingers and toes. Some people also have a barrel shaped chest. It is also difficult for them to absorb all the nutrients needed from their food hence their bowel movement can be to a certain extent smelly.

Females with the Cystic fibrosis genes will have difficulty conceiving a child as their cervical secretions are very thick. This makes it difficult from the male’s sperm to get to the egg. In the man’s case, they are generally sterile and unable to produce children. Babies will taste very salty when you kiss them because people with Cystic Fibrosis have high levels of chloride and sodium in their sweat.

Newborns do not have sweat glands which are active, so it is almost impossible to determine if they have the disease using that method. However, doctors can do an immunoreactive trypsinogen test (IRT). This is done by taking blood from the baby and checking if there is trypsinogen present; it is a kind of protein.

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
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