Jamaican Storytelling: Excerpt from Gray Shades, Wasting time and accumulating baggage (Nia) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

You know when he is not the right one from the get go. You just want a piece. Why even bother with something you know is not going to work? For the good times? What happens if there are no good times? Then, you have simply wasted time accumulating more baggage.

“You think I don’t know this?” Nia, muses out aloud. This internal conversation with herself has been going on all morning. “Then what the hell is wrong with me? Well, I think I am either purging or I am going through the teenage experience in my thirties! That has to be it!”

By now, Nia was so jaded from the talk of every man she has met. They all admired her and wanted to be with her but she was simply blinded by how to identify the right one, or type. Admirers circle in abundance, but she was simply tired of the time wasters, ****ers, mother’s boys, flings, liars, idiots or those who think she was even fooled, even for a second.

Inside, is this romantic, delicate fragile spirit that is just waiting on…love? But the last spark plug turned out to be a dud and that creature turned into a player…for a second. OK, maybe for a minute or two or five.

Now, she was here wasting time and accumulating baggage; someone else’s. Well, she hated chemistry and she might as well run her own experiments while she can.

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By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

Facing the challenges of a life filled with hurt, depression and suicidal tendencies; the journey towards transformation.

Jamaican Storytelling : Excerpt from Gray Shades, A Preying Hunter (Mya) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

The hunter or the prey, who would u bet on; especially if the prey becomes the hunter.

“So sick of this double standard marble pot called Earth,” Mya thinks to herself.

One set of rules for men and another for women. Tis a pity, they have lame, idiotic and misguided ideas of themselves and their capacity.

“But what do I know”, she mused. Women aren’t much different either, but we sure are better at mis-directing. Being a hunter in a prey’s skin is so dull, but it is a worthwhile disguise; Mya thinks to herself.

However, boredom and stress are two issues that Mya is struggling with, and any movement towards a jiffy’s amusement cannot be disregarded.

Something’s gotta give, because her double standard of a prison, exists for a reason. And already as a prey, she is tired of the ‘faux’ hunt.

This sure doesn’t help her accumulative problems either. Something’s gotta give…

Jamaican Storytelling : Excerpt from Gray Shades, Praying away the Evils (Lisa) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Dishonesty, deceit, lying, evil, conniving, hypocrisy – and all things evil are a bunch of Lisa’s pet peeves.

To say she hates them and on the brink of hating the vehicles of these evil ‘actives’ – wouldn’t suffice.

She have had it up to her medulla oblongata with dealing with people of these natures. Soon, Lisa worries, she might start acting like an overzealous, just born again Christian and aggressively rebuke them. Maybe this is what she needs to do?!

She is scared, for them, to pray about it; as Lisa has a tendency to pray like Elijah and say God return unto them and their generation the evil, they have visited on others.

The last time she bind up some people and their spirits, which was recently, they were sick.

So she has a soft spot even when she is righteously angry.

Each day, Lisa fights to find any good in this world. She has become jaded with life and wish to call it a day. The bible is right! There is nothing new under the sun; and Lisa feels like she have lived a few centuries.

Sometimes, she wishes that happily ever after, wasn’t just the things you read about in books; and didn’t have to wait on heaven for.

If you happen to cross her path, please just bring good tidings, happy memories and peace

If you are taking with, any evil ‘actives’; you run the risk of being sick…

Just a warning!

Jamaican Storytelling : Excerpt from Gray Shades, A pessimistic view (Katherine) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

A new thing is demanded because Katherine was bored with life.

She is tired of her realities, frailties and personal tragedies. Katherine is not impressed by the construct, which is, humans. Neither is she moved by their expressions of sincerity as they turn to abuse just as quickly because of their fickle nature.

Life holds a spade and she holds nothing. Not even a vested player in this tournament as the cheaters have us pegged and it is simply better to watch, endure and pray for a painless death.

Her life had been a merry-go-round of pain, hurt and disappointment. Katherine can’t seem to catch a break or exist in a time or space where no one would hurt her. It made no sense caring for people because they were susceptible to their own selfish cravings, they couldn’t see beyond themselves or complete selfless acts. Mankind always disappointed her, its not like she didn’t know that they would; but this Holy Spirit kept on extending compassion. Why, she couldn’t tell.

So, she would continue wasting her time searching for the ninth wonder of the world. Behind curtain number one is curtain number two, behind curtain number two is curtain number three and so on and so forth. Reward, is but a despondent’s careless dream.

Where hope and love should exist, can be found the solitude of immortal disappointment and perpetual loops of ‘same old, same old’.

Invention is but recycling and babies are but minions marching through a18 year prison sentence. No better or worse than death by fire ants.

And then, a streak of sunlight crawled across the horizon; weak from fending off the clutches of the popular misguided beliefs of dashed hopes and exorcised pessimism.

One step at a time …

…a pessimistic view indeed.

Jamaican Storytelling : Excerpt from Gray Shades, Self-destructive behavior (Janet) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Janet was lying awake thinking about her future, and how much more damage she was going to do to it.

“Can I and will I do my worse?” Janet thought.

It seems every time she gets close to something that she really wants or someone she was really into it gets pulled from her. And when she begins to care about someone, and for whatever reason it doesn’t work out; she gets into a pattern of self-destructive behavior.

“Damn it,” she cursed.

Certainly it seems she is not exempt from suffering heartbreak from the hands of vile Jamaican men. She was so over it, over them! Though her heart seems to be shielding itself in its own panic room, it was already wounded and bleeding out. How then can it receive treatment? Janet was certain, only love could heal her wounds.

Self destructive as she has been, she is certain her actions were making matters worst within her. The antics, and indulgences, were simple band aids to an internal bleeding. Unnecessary and inept. As smart and perceptive as she was, she was fully cognisant of the snakes pit she was leading herself to.

But how could she turn away, turn off, or turn around? How could she stop herself from always choosing the self-destructive alternatives?

There is more to the root of her evils; but even she is sometimes blinded to that cause.

Jamaican Storytelling : Excerpt from Gray Shades, The Snob (Iyana) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Pretentious, that came to Iyana’s mind; right after snobbish.

“Who di hell are you to act and treat others as if they are under your feet? You are no better, if not a little lower.”

People think that just because they are born privileged or that they have a particular career and make a certain amount of money; that they are better than others. This is an unbecoming and despicable behavior. Iyana’s motto is to treat all human beings equally; no matter their age or stage.

One should aim to understand people and meet them where they are at. We each, within us, hold the key to some mystery. We are all after all flesh and blood and will ultimately go to the same place when we die; under the earth.

People can sense your aura, essence or even see your personality shining through. If you turn your nose up at others, then this will easily come across.

Act with sincerity and genuine kindness; people are gems.

Jamaican Storytelling : Excerpt from Gray Shades, The world of Lucifer babies (Heather) by Denise N. Fyffe

dr_evilBy: Denise N. Fyffe

People were ratchet, back stabbers, Lucifer babies and conniving for days. Heather trusted no one and she would never ever trust people again!

It has been Heather’s unfortunate experience to meet some of the most despicable people on this earth. People who make you wonder if they weren’t born with a moral compass. People who make you want to huddle in a dark wormhole and hide.

She has had friends rob her of money. She had an old school mate rob her book donations to her Alma mater which were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. She has been let down, disappointed and neglected by so-called family members who didn’t share her last name. She has had her houseware misused and kitchen appliances stolen. After she gave a friend some of her stuff, some to keep temporarily; she never heard nor saw her again. Heather has even been forsaken by church folk who played at being Christians.

She also had a boss once who was as charming and evil as the dark prince himself. He was verbally abusive and a cunning user who used and manipulated young women who were often times more talented than he, if not naive.

No matter the possibilities of misunderstandings and misgivings, some people carry with them the stench of unpleasantness and being personally abrasive. The back of a crocodile would be immensely smoother in comparison. No matter your class, gender, age, stage, race or creed; these people you are sure to meet, because they exist everywhere.

Oftentimes we are blinded by their hidden charms until their ‘snakery’ coils out of the bag. Heather met too many people whose aura, personality or demeanour just puts her off, out or on end! These were definitely all unwanted experiences I am sure.

She wished these people would change. She believed that if only they would turn fully, wholly and honestly to Christ they would be miraculously altered.

Miracles were possible right?

The world and Heather’s life would be easier, better and safer.

Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe