The Importance of Social Media

Excerpt from The Bucket List

“One of the most important aspects of blogging is understanding social networking. In less than one year, I have over 5 million views, more than 28,000 followers, 2,395 Twitter followers, and 2,770 Facebook followers. But anything is possible and I’m not content yet! Yesterday, my brother was talking about Perez Hilton so I looked up on; the site is ranked 1,367 in the world! How does that happen? It’s a blogging site! It also has 18,900 sites linking in, which means that others are doing the advertising just by adding a link. I’m ambitious and when I see stats like that I don’t get disappointed; I get encouraged! We are all capable of achieving such numbers and we can help each other make it happen.”


Message from The Island Journal’s writer; author and Poetess Denise N. Fyffe

If you’re interested or if you’ve already added the link, please contact me at with a link to your blog. I will include your link within three days of receiving the email.

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The Island Journal, is inviting guest writers to submit their pieces for posting. These can be on any area; whether articles, poetry. On any topic, politics, lifestyle, health etc.


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