Jamaican Poetry: Seething

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2017, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

I hiss mi teet an seethe
Like a cobra coiled

Execute fury or
I hiss mi teet an seethe.

Mi mind racing thru corridors
Like a Amtrak train
Seeking recourse, seeking solution.
Meanwhile di devils chirp
Their song in mi head
Claro 3G break free…’
I goin to break somin yes
Two months,
Two significant problems
Too much;

I hiss mi teet and seethe.

Dis lady seh I mus seek recourse
Fi a five thousand dollars
I goin to seek
I hiss mi teet and seethe.

Di devils continue fi sing deh song

‘Claro 3G break free…’
I feel di tidal wave break in mi head.
I recoil and
I hiss mi teet and seethe.

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Love’s Story

Originally posted on Denise N. Fyffe: He was so unsuspecting. He snuck up on her, in a place, where she would not expect him to be. Yet, he was everything she wanted. No, he was not perfect, but he was the perfect man for her. He never judged her and he loved her to the…

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Love’s Story: I want you

There is something powerful about a man who looks you in the eye and he says, “I want you.”

Denise N. Fyffe

black-couple1There is something powerful about a man who looks you in the eye and he says, “I want you.”

I want to marry you.

I want you to have my children.

I want to grow old with you.

I want no one but you, I am done searching.

I cannot live without you, in my life.

Those words have power. Power to free you from your self-conceived shackles.

Power to make you superwoman. Power to make you take that love, power and promise; shake it up, multiply it and return it 100 fold.

Those words..I want you…enforced by action, thought, attention and wrapped in love, is life-giving.

So yes, I want you and no one else.


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Jamaican Wedding: Tips for The Hairy Groom


By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Many people who tattoo their skin have the areas that display the tattoo waxed or shaved; especially if it is very hairy, like their arm. Manscaping is a novel idea for some men; the thought of removing hair from places such as your chest, arm or back is just an intolerable thought. But, this might be very considerate if you plan to vacation one an island and strut your stuff on the beach, at your Jamaican Wedding. It will also be considerate to your new wife. Women shave, pluck and wax almost every part of their body; men may consider doing this for some parts of theirs.

Removing hair is a serious contemplation for men; especially those who are macho and are highly against it, but

Paulino's armpits

will consider it for their spouses. If you are going to shave or wax certain areas, keep in mind the need to moisturize and use sun block to both protect it from sunlight and keep it moisturized. If you plan on venturing to the Caribbean or any tropical area this is even more necessary. Here is another great reason to remove unsightly hair. It will look horrible and repulsive on the beaches or in public. If you have back hair or an immense over growth of chest hair consider, waxing. As men, you should be even more tolerant of pain; as it does not last forever. Your newlywed wife will be very appreciative, receptive and might even reward you for your actions in making your Jamaican Wedding and honeymoon, perfect.

A lot of people shave their armpits. Seeing a bushy forest from under a man’s arm is truly a put off and might be a huge turn off, if you are planning on wearing tank tops at your Jamaican Wedding or on those tropical getaways. Another benefit is that, once removed, you will not have to worry about your odor or perspiration so much; as the deodorant will be applied directly into your skin. The occurrence of sweat marks and stains on your shirts should also lessen. This act is both beneficial to you and your partner.

Gillette shave gel

Removing hair from your hairy groom, man bits; now this is a tricky topic for some. You do not have to go as bald as a new born baby. You have different alternatives, like just trimming. Remove the excess. If you choose to shave all off, then you have to maintain it, as anywhere you remove hair, there will be stubble. This can give our spouse razor burn or chaff her skin.

Tanning is another consideration for those all white and milky men; especially if you are coming from the colder regions. You might not want to glow when you visit the tropical islands or at your Jamaican Wedding. You don’t have to do excessive tanning in tanning salons. You can choose to go to a spa and allow them to air brush you. Choose a nice shade that will compliment you and not make you look like an orange human.


Jamaican Lifestyle: The best gift ideas for your spouse

Jamaican relationships champagne couple

Jamaican relationships champagne coupleBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Being in a Jamaican relationship, means that you will have to think about the needs of someone else; you get to know this persons likes and dislikes. You also celebrate special events with them like an anniversary or a birthday. Birthdays have a significant meaning to people and it makes them feel appreciated when others remember this day and make the effort to send them tokens of their love and gifts. Identifying the best gift for your spouse, boyfriend or girl friend is not very difficult; neither do you have to launch into expensive birthday gift ideas.

You can get really innovative and romantic with your best gift ideas. One idea is to shower that person with little tokens and love notes for the entire week. You can start even a few days before the birthday to build up to that day. Then you will top it off by doing something extra special like cooking a romantic dinner, going to a romantic Jamaican restaurant or planning a romantic Jamaican weekend getaway. You can surprise them at the end of their work day, depending on their job and whisk them away to a series of birthday events they will never forget. They will certainly remember it as the best gift ideas you have ever had.

One of the best in birthday gift ideas is to get that person something that they really want. Men are often into gadgets like TVS, iPhones, iPads, laptops, tablets, cell phones, fast cars and sports. If he is a sports fanatic you can get him a couple tickets to see his favourite team or even a huge flat screen TV to watch their games. Another of the top ranking in birthday gift ideas is to get naughty and romantic. This is a favourite of many and you can never go wrong. Women will love flowers, chocolate, negligee, jewellery and expensive gifts. But no one knows your partners heart like you so do something that they will love.

Jamaican Relationships: The Six Men To Avoid

Post written by 

Relationships…. What can we say about relationships?

This is one topic that I know the content is never-ending. In campus, we used to have an open session to speak about relationships and there has not been a single day when our discussions have adequately ended.

The scope of relationships is so far and wide. Kate and I are going to be writing something about relationships and advice we have found useful in my own life, starting today and (hopefully)  every Wednesday.

Today, we start with some advice to the ladies on the kind of men to keep away from. Ladies, just because he looks like Johnny Bravo and has muscles, does not make him a good candidate to date. If you want to reduce the risk of heartbreak, do not go jumping into relationships with the following men:

The Money-Man

This man has money; he is accomplished and has made enough. He dresses in the best fashionable clothes and he drives the latest cars. The problem with him is not the fact that he is rich, the issue is that he thinks it is a gift to the world, because he has money.

He flaunts the cash around, sending the ladies money at every whim with the expectation that they will fall head over heels for him. He thinks that if he gives a lady some cash, she will love him. He will meet you, offer you a ride for two meters, then as you alight out of his Harrier, he will ask you to be his wife.

He does not mind buying you a car and paying for a house for you in an estate of your choice. Ladies, you need to avoid this man, because he is just after sex, he is already paying for it with the money that he is giving you. He may even give you the gift of an STD.  One day, he will demand to be paid back in full.

The Perfectionist

This man is probably the worst that you could ever meet. He keeps pointing out what things are wrong with you. Maybe your hair is out of line, the skirt you are wearing has creases, the accent you have does not impress him and the only time you are right is when you agree with him.

He has no mistakes, he is perfect, and he can never apologize for anything that he does, because he does everything right. If he at any time he hurts you (which he will), it is not his fault, but yours. You have to agree with his way of doing things, since he is the source of all wisdom.

You are just a sidekick in the relationship, so take your place and relax right there. He makes you feel unworthy and worthless of breathing the same air as he does, since you are imperfect and he is the epitome of the way should always be done.

The Nympho

The only thing on his mind is sex, how to have sex with you, after that, how to get you to bed again. That is all he is about. He does not think that he is shallow, which he is, and he thinks it is his God given right to have you service him.  He never promises that he will be exclusive to you, because if you deny him one day, he will find an alternative.

To him, it’s your fault if he cheats, because he just wants to have sex 24/7, if you cannot give him that, then he will definitely check elsewhere. Whether you do give in to his abnormal craving or you refuse to do so once in a while, he will never be satiated and you become his object of sexual satisfaction.

The Hot Guy

This one is just trouble waiting to happen. He may have impressed you with the nice suits, the gold watch, the perfect demeanor, but he knows that he is good-looking, if given a choice he would probably start dating himself. He wants everyone to worship the ground that he walks on.

He will not fail to remind you that you are privileged that he even chose to look at you twice. He is full of ego, higher than Mt. Everest. He may not even qualify to be a model, but ladies admire him from afar. Now that he is with you, he makes you know that if he asks you to jump, all you ask is, “How high?”

The Married Man


How many times should ladies be warned against this one? He has a wife, which he will NEVER leave, no matter how much he says that he loves you. remember, if he does not respect his marriage enough to be faithful to his current wife, and divorces her, he will not respect the marriage ( actually, the sham that it shall  actually be) he will soon have with you. When asked to choose between the wife and the mistress, believe me, men will more often than not going to choose the wife. It is tough and plain, but that is exactly the way things are.

The Commitment Phobic Man


This one is worse than shooting yourself in the leg. He is a smooth talker, but he is never going to go down the aisle. it is not the fact that he is gay or anything like that, but he is just not the serious type. he gets bored very easily.

I call it ” Relationship Attention Dysfunction Disorder” He stays just a little while, after the lady clearly likes him, is falling in love with him, he disappears.  He will promise heaven, but will, like my best friend loved saying, throw you out of a plane at 10,000 feet above sea level without a parachute expecting that you will be all fine and dandy.