The Faith Collection


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Men’s ware, women’s ware, clothing for kids and toddlers, hats, socks, face masks, bags, pillows, phone cases, cups, mugs, tumblers, stickers – you name it, and we have it. At The Jamaica Pen Boutique, you get to choose from a variety of designs, colors, and products, which are great for every day use or as gifting options. We proudly represent brand Jamaica.

The Faith Collection


Express yourself! The Faith Collection was designed to allow you to do just that. Be bold and declare that you imbibe on the word of God often. From Genesis to Revelations, feeding on the word of God uplifts the spirit and feeds the mind. It solidifies our faith and gives us the necessary sustenance when we most need it.

The Faith Collection provides an array of products that lets you celebrate and declare your faith. The collection includes men’s ware, women’s ware, kids clothing, houseware, and accessory products.

The Faith Collection at The Jamaica Pen Boutique