Jamaican Wedding: Adventure, Romance and creating special memories

By: Denise N. Fyffe.

Weddings are one of the most romantic events; seeing two people saying their vows, dedicating their lives to each other and pledging their undying love. The ambiance, flowers, and colors all add to this atmosphere of romance. Another element that dominates in our minds when we think about romance is the location. The venue is always an important factor. Many people chose traditional locations like churches and rent ball rooms. In recent times, people are exploring more avenues. Some chose locations that are even more memorable than the ceremony itself. Allocation should have a special or intrinsic meaning to the bride and groom. They should both attribute some occurrence of importance to this location. Many choose the place they met or went on their first date.

For the more adventurous sort, getting married in an air balloon is very ideal. They see this in keeping with the height of their emotions and love for each other. This is a popular choice. But for some, especially those with a fear of heights, it would be a very bad idea; although many may choose to get married in or on the sea. Deep sea diving weddings are for those who have a passion for the open sea. Many couples who do this share a common love of this environment and believe it is the romantic location for them.

Keeping on the trend of nature, some couples may choose to get married in a cave. The reason for this may vary, but it goes back, to being one with nature, and feeling close to the ancestral ties. Stadiums, golf courses and arenas are another popular location. Many do this because they met there, or are a lifelong fan of a particular theme. This goes back to the idea of choosing a location that both the bride and the groom love and have special memories there. More and more weddings are being held outside.

Many choose local parks, floral gardens, and country settings. These are exquisite choices that call for fewer decorations. Many parks and floral gardens will aid the couple in cutting costs on floral arrangements. Though the wedding will have to adhere to certain rules in order not to spoil or mar the natural flora and fauna. Beaches are one of the most popular choices. The sound of the waves, the feel of the wind and the majestic beauty that this locale provides, is coveted by many. A beach wedding ensures beautiful wedding pictures, a semi-formal or casual choice of attire and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Your choice of wedding location should be a shared decision the groom and bride. They should feel a connection and want to create new memories there. Wedding locations should be chosen because they add to the romance of the event and will also be comfortable or accessible to your guests.

Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe

People walk in a flooded street after the passing of Hurricane

Jamaican Poetry: Mama Portia and Dean

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Dean met a woman he had never before seen,
One wid a vision and a rising dream.
He thought he would pay har a devastating trip;
Taking his friends Chaos and Gusty Winds,
Just for the fun of it.

Mama Portia sey ‘God, what must I do, 
Some a mi picknie dem caan handle another hurricane,
Especially so soon’;
God sey ‘stand firm and watch mi tonight,
A gwaan gi yuh di strength to fight.’

Mama Portia and some of her picknie pray,
Dat devastation would not touch them dat day;
Everybody huddled and prepared for the fight,
Some took a quick peep wid dem TV camera,
To see who would lose that night.

Dean looked on and crept near,
Mama Portia sey bwoy yuh not welcome here.
She tell har brothers be prepared for any ‘Emergency’.
I want tings in place as a contingency.

Di fight get serious bout 3 di day,
Chaos and Gusty wind got a head start,
Dem nearly tear St. Thomas apart.
Caribbean Terrace was battered and bruised,
Portland Cottage cry flood, when it look like dem soon loose.

God stepped in and sey ‘ Enough is enough’;
Dean started to howl like him waan play tough.
Him lick off couple roof and tangle some line,
Him sey ‘God now is my time.
I not changing course.
I having Jamaica today,
Now is Chaos time wid wind and rain.

God raised his hand,
Dean was forced to obey,
He crept on South, at the end of the day.
Mama Portia, jumped up God’s praises a sing;
Yuh si why yuh mus believe inna God fi everyting

Har brothers kept watch for any ‘Emergency’,
In case Looting pass through to take advantage a wi.
Some worked hard to bring wata and light;
Digi and CW competed fah continual cell coverage dat night.

Mama Portia stayed her course,
She sey wid God, yuh caan go wrong.
Though times rough and di trek hard,
She always she, God must be first inna fi har yaad.
Ah yah yi.


Burning the Political Fires, a flint of Olint

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

It seems every season there is a political quandary afoot. Today, the thorn in the political parties flesh is Olint.

For those who have a lapse in memory, and only those who did not lose hundreds of thousands or millions in this scheme would have such problems; Olint was one of those money schemes that promised to give you a huge return on your investment, monthly. Needless to say, when the inspectors came knocking on their door, they were found to not be so squeaky clean. While Olint was for the more affluent among us in Jamaica and other countries, CashPlus was the poor man’s, knight in shining amour, which turned out to be an episode from the Bernie Maddof chronicles.

Well one would think that after dealing with every piece of shrapnel that lodged from the David Smith’s Olint debacle, Jamaica would now move on and never hear about it again; except as a reference of what not to do for finance students. But, as with shrapnel, there are some remnants, which you never locate and can never remove.

The current government of Jamaica, headed by the People’s National Party as well as the Jamaica Labour Party recently disclosed that they received a donation from Olint’s coppers and now everyone, with an opinion is demanding or discussing the legal, political, moral and ethical reasons why the money should be returned. Turks and Caicos seem to be gearing up to demand that the PNP and JLP return the money to that country; but let me stir the pot a bit.

If this money is returned and collected, who will it benefit? Will it go back to the pockets of the persons who

English: Bruce Golding Español: Bruce Golding

English: Bruce Golding Español: Bruce Golding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

were swindled? Or will it simply be forgotten and disappear into the shadows of someone’s pockets? Let’s refer to the 20/20 cricket;  the suave, always smiling, Texan billionaire, Allen Standford was sent to prison for 110 years for his billion dollar ponzi scheme. Should all the cricketers who won prize money from his US$20 million dollar series, give that back too?

In total the amount equals US$7 million dollars, from 2007; now in 2012, from where will the JLP get US$5 million and the PNP US$2 million dollars to give back? And please note, it is the political parties and not the government of Jamaica that will have to return the sum. This, very crucial point, is what got Former JLP Leader and Prime Minister, Bruce Golding caught up into a Manatt enquiry and Jamaicans saying ‘I can’t recall’. Take heed else next season there will be a different kind of political quandary.

Jamaica, She is Royal

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaica is gorgeous but just like many women, she is truly unaware of the magnitude of that Jamaican beauty.

This is the symptom of those who are blessed to live in island paradises like Hawaii, Bora Bora or even Aruba. They tend to lose the total appreciation for what is right in front of them. Jamaicans are no different. Though, it might be said that through all the socioeconomic difficulties, Jamaica’s majesty, might just be what is keeping the country, particularly, its people from truly sinking into utter deprivation.

With white sand beaches, particularly a gorgeous seven mile stretch in Negril. Black sand beaches guarding the edges of the east and south coast. Flourishing flora and fauna of the epic Jamaican country inlands; bumping up in the sky like the Blue Mountains and Cockpit Country. Tiny oasis of stunning beauty hidden in deep set curvatures of the island, Jamaica. Truly, Jamaicans are far more blessed than generally realized.

The everyday man misses the unique gifts which are upon him daily. Where else does almost every home have a fruit tree in the backyard and generally, there rae several of them. Towering mango trees, ackee trees, breadfruit, or our national flower lignum vitae trees. Succulent cherries, plums, bananas, papayas, apples and so many delicious morsels from God’s garden.

Jamaica is a another of earth’s Mecca, for tourists. Millions of people come each year to enjoy mostly the Northern region of the island. They visit Montego Bay, Negril, Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rios and all the lavish hotels like Beaches, Sandals and Iberostar. Portland also has hidden treasures that have captured the heart of the world’s rich and famous. Many come to Portland for the discretion and privacy; but they are also afforded heavenly beauty spots. The north coast of Jamaica and other tourism centers of the island, is Jamaica’s top economic earner. We are an island that sustains itself off tourism and other industries.

Jamaica, she is royal and truly majestic in every sense. Her bounty is for her children and those lucky enough to traverse her shores.

Jamaican Beach Wedding – How to plan a wedding on the beach


By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

The idea of having a Jamaican wedding on the beach is extremely romantic. Both concepts alone are examples of romance and love; therefore to combine both things should make for a very memorable and special affair. Do you have a beautiful Jamaican beach close to you? Then this can be an inexpensive location to host your ceremony. It will prove to very unforgettable for both you and your guests.

For those who travel to Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, or St. Lucia; their wedding are typically set by the beach. Hotels and planners may work to decorate, provide seating, flowers and food that compliment the setting. This makes for an even more romantic wedding occasion. You may choose to even use those beaches close to home where you will have the opportunity to visit on occasion.


If you live on the Spanish, Mediterranean, or Greek coastline; these are equally great wedding locations. You can choose to have a traditional, formal or casual wedding affair. Having a Jamaican wedding on a beach allows you the freedom of creating your own ambiance and feel. If you want a dance floor, jazz band, and formal attire; this can be easily set up with your coordinator. And the relevant decorations, tents and wedding flowers can create that type of atmosphere. It you are trying to stick to your own traditional practices and ceremony that is easily arranged as well. Ensure you communicate these ideas with your planner, and continuously go over the details and preparations to ensure things will go as you expect them to. The Jamaican beach setting already guarantees a level of casualness about it. You can make your wedding dress simple, wearing bikini tops and floral skirts or even simple gowns. Men can choose to wear khaki or nice shorts with simple shirts. The bridal party and grooms men should follow suit.

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Ensure to inform your guests of the chosen Jamaican wedding location and the expected attire. This allows them o prepare adequately for the ceremony. You do not want people showing up in formal attire if everyone else will be in shorts and flora dresses. Also advise them on the right shows; especially if you will not be on a solid foundation. Walking in heels on the sand can be an accident waiting to happen, and you do not wish to have anyone hurt on your special day. If you will be outdoors put contingences in place to deal with anything unexpected, like rain. Make sure you have tents if a building is not close to the venue. You may not want your Jamaican wedding guests, chairs, tables, and yourself to be drenched our blown away. There are many funny blooper videos of this happening to couples. So if you do not want a disaster on hand be prepared.

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Prophecy, Isis the migrating locusts

Like the plague of locusts in the old testament, in the days of Israel’s enslavement in Egypt. This world will be given over to them for a time.

Revealing the Christian Life

As much as possible, I try to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and inquire what He wishes to communicate, first thing in the morning. The Lord usually communicates to me via my spirit and mostly through images. On January 19, 2016 he gave me a picture or pictures of the Islamic State or Isis movement in this world.


I see the locusts swarming the plains of the East. They build in numbers and devastate the land. They have multiplied and expand beyond even the strongest barriers needling in like iron gnats on steroids.

I see the swarm of the East, multiplying and infesting their hosts, preaching a radical message of hate.

They ride the backs of the spirits of war, death, hate, perversion.

I see them worming their way to the South.

I see them worming their way to the West.

They build underground like groundhogs and surface only…

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Prophecy, March towards the End Games – Part 4

Time is marching on and waits for no man. Every chain and link is falling into place. Footprints of the enemy is seen in the sand. They stand under the palm tree and mock the sun.

Woe be unto the sons and daughters of men.

Revealing the Christian Life

And you will hear of wars and threats of wars, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won’t follow immediately.-Matthew 24:6 (NLT)

I received this message from God on January 12, 2014. God started to explain what was happening across the world.


The King is in Israel. He sits on the high place and spies out the lands from one end of the earth to the next. he sees the enemy as he approaches and watches as His friends scatter, leaving him alone. But I, the God of Israel, is with my people. I am on their side and when I slap their enemies with the palm; they will acknowledge me. My princes are in this land. My children are in this land.

My army of hosts shall surround their burdens and shall do battle for them.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan – they…

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