Jamaican Poetry: Love, Slain

By: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

The breeze whips my hair like fall leaves
Covering my face
Covering my vision
Of you;
I turn
And look in the direction where you went
My heart moans and vent
As it already misses that deep musk
I smell you;
My eyes turn into water pumps
Newly tapped by hurt
As you desert
The love, you left here;
And I sigh
As I realize,
You will no longer be at my side;
And I sigh
As I realize
I won’t ever see that dimple
Near your right eye;
My finger creeps to secure a hold of the door frame
Newly named,
The place where our love was slain;
My knees shift as the shakes overtake them
And then, my backbone bends
And sounds unheard rip from my heart
Off tongue and throat walls;
And I cry,
Silently I cry
As I realize
You will no longer be at my side;
And I cry
As I realize
I won’t ever see that dimple
Near your right eye;

I cry, and I cry
And my love screams,
Don’t kill what’s left within me;
And I cry, and the shadow of you
Now lives within me;

Water swells and wells at the corner of my eyes
As I remember, my favorite memory before you left
That of me looking into your honey butter eyes
And I cry.

Jamaican Poetry: Muse (You are) by Denise N. Fyffe

You are the red bull to my system
The diesel to my engine
Thinking of you makes me want to give up religion
Looking into your intriguing brown eyes
Makes me want to jump that window//
And sit on your thighs;

Jamaican Poetry: I want to find the one

I want to find the one
That is worthy of me,
Will let me be the butterfly and hawk,
Coexisting in this one body;
I wanna let them be
Let them feel safe to be,
A lion, a beetle, to simply be free
But to take me along Not just for me
But because, they cannot be Without me;

Jamaican Poets: Judge not

Until the words fall from a man’s lips

or the actions from his heart,

never judge his deeds.

Else, the microscope in the sun will also be turned on you.- Poetess Denise Fyffe

Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Poets: I DARE you

I DARE you to be me for a day.

I DARE you to walk in my ‘way’.

Fight the enemies I have.

Befriend the angels, as FRIENDS.

I DARE you to be me, and still breathe peacefully.- Poetess Denise Fyffe

Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Poetry: Independent Jamaica

Emancipation Park Kingston, Jamaica
Emancipation Park Kingston, Jamaica

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

1962 we were reborn an independent land
Lush green hills and brilliant aqua waters in the Caribbean span
The sun set on August 6th and we were birthed a new nation
Not a giant, but we had the beginnings, perseverance and culture to be one;
Free from dependence
Free to rise to international prominence
Free to decide the affairs of our people and land
Free to be dominant anywhere we put our hand;

Two cousins, two charismatic gentlemen
Stood tall, representing the people,
Leading in governance;
Manley and Bustamante were visionaries of their time
As they carried the Jamaican people from the holds of Britain
Opening our minds;
Our battles were fought by the brave and strong
The nation we are now is owed to six heroes and a heroine’s hand
Marcus, Busta, Manley and Sharp
Bogle, Nanny and George William are cemented in our hearts;

Since 1962, ten leaders have risen to the thrones of government

Tarrus Riley performs at Negril Escape Resorts

And now we are lead by the strength of a woman,
Who oversees our country’s development;
Bob Marley beseeched
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
His songs and words are one of Jamaica’s crowning glories;
In the four corners of the world we are well known
For producing conscious music that thrills many to the bone
Reggae, Dancehall, Kumina, Ska and Mento too
With soul renting lovers rock and Beres Hammond tunes
Rhythm and rhymes continue perpetually in time
With singers like Dennis, Freddie and Tarrus Riley exhilarating our minds;

In 50 years we have produced many visionaries
Spanning many genres and industries
Stamping their dominance
Rising to the forefront in our country;
Charles Hyatt, Oliver Samuels and Louise Bennet-Coverly
Professor Rex Nettleford, Rudolph Williams and Edna Manley
Masters of the arts, dance, acting and comedy
Bringing us laughs and stories of Anancy;

Whether it is football, netball, domino, cricket or chess
In 50 years, Jamaica has produced some of the best
One memory we will never forget
Is that of our Reggae Boys scoring goals in the World Cup football net;
Herb Mckenley and Merlene Ottey
Have been the beacon to our youths
Inspiring 100, 200, and 400 sprinters
With Usain Boltnow reigning with his gold Puma shoes;

English: Jamaica 4x100 m at the World Champion...

Michael Frater, Asafa Powell, and Yohan Blake have made us proud
With VCB, Melanie Walker, and Shelly-Ann Fraser waving our flag high
In front of millions of cheering fans and stadium crowds;

Jamaica at 50 stands as a strong, independent land
With lush green hills and brilliant aqua waters in the Caribbean span
Rolling valleys filled with lignum vitae flowers,
Humming birds and ackee trees
We are proud Jamaicans,
African, Indian, Chinese or Lebanese;
Full of flavor like the Pimento spice
Truly in Jamaica, a yah so nice
Diverse in culture, Diverse and strong
God Bless Jamaica, Independent Jamaica, fi wi small and sweet island.

Jamaican Poetry off the Cuff #1 – Hibiscus Memory

I see the sun
Glowing brighter than a 50 watt bulb
And I am tempted outside;