treasures of colombia with stacey ann smith

Stacey Ann Smith

Hi, I am Stacey Ann, a little Jamaican girl who has had the opportunity to experience life on the other side of the world. I lived and worked in Colombia as a teacher. Their lifestyle, food, and culture are so similar to ours back home, in Jamaica. Every day is like a treasure hunt. So, follow me, as I explore my new home, and show you some of the great treasures and secrets of Colombia.

Educator and Foodie

Stacey Ann Smith is from Kingston, Jamaica.  She is an alumnus of Camperdown High School and she graduated from The Shortwood Teachers’ College having earned a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages, Spanish and French. Stacey Ann is an English teacher and describes herself as a vivacious and loving person who also has a passion for traveling, taking pictures, her son Nicholas and Ashley, her adorable feline.

stacey ann smithin Colombia


Treasures of Colombia by Denise Fyffe and Stacey Ann SmithTreasures of Colombia  shares some of the delicious cuisine found in Colombia; from empanadas to arepa boyacense, and bandeja paisa to arepa de huevo. Colombian street food is especially important in Colombian culture because it brings people together. They enjoy sitting in groups with family or friends, blocking off the sidewalks and alleyways as they devour tasty morsels of Colombian cuisine steeped in spices and ingredients.

This book uncovers various gastronomy, which can be purchased or made right in your kitchen. Additionally, the book shares the similarities between Colombian and Jamaican foods and culture. As a bonus, several Jamaican recipes are included. Prepare to learn about simple but tasty meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few sumptuous desserts as well.

Copies are available at online bookstores including Amazon.


Firstly, I give thanks to the Almighty God from whom all blessings and talents flow. I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to my mentor, editor, and publisher Denise N. Fyffe. Thank you for being obedient to God’s instructions and directions concerning the birth of this wonderful book.

This book was born out of my daily explorations and experiences in Colombia, which led to sharing articles on The Island Journal, Jamaica Pen Publishers, and Tasty Island Food websites, since 2019. As such, I would like to thank everyone who supported me on this journey.

Finally, thanks to my Colombian friends and family – mi gente.

– Stacey Ann Smith.