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Author Biography

ND Penn - Jamaica Pen Publishers author

N.D. Penn grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and transplanted to the United States. Initially, studying information technology Penn later transitioned into Education and Training, with a graduate degree from a university in California.

A prolific author, N.D. Penn has released numerous fiction and non-fiction books as well as short stories. N.D. Penn writes fiction books about Jamaican life, events, and history. Her recent works include Rivalry and Pressured.

Penn’s latest release is Nanny: The Escape, from the popular Two Minutes to Midnight series.

Read more about N.D. Penn at the Jamaica Pen Publishers website: https://jamaicapenpublishers.com/.


Nanny: The Escape

“Living in a time of cruelty, malevolence, and hatred, with no conscience and no consequences, was no life at all. Freedom must come at all costs.”

Her life took an unexpected turn when her tribe turned against her. Nanny was raised in a tough place and among tough people, but the new challenges that confront her on a plantation in Jamaica were pushing her beyond her limits, but to new heights. Now, she is forced to run for her life and fight for her freedom.

If she runs, where will she go? Her only hope lay in the hilly inner of Eastern Jamaica and with the Maroons. She had to make a run for the Blue Mountains, which was the highest peak in Jamaica. Will she make it, or will the dangers along the way deprive her of the one thing she wanted most, freedom?

Nanny the Escape book by N.D. Penn available on Amazon - kindle and paperback


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