Jamaican Poetry: By the Riverside

By the riverside
I know so well
I watch you stroll
I watch your legs;
As you stand knee deep
In that cold stream
The sun shines in your face
And I watch you wade upstream;

Jamaican Poetry : Lazy Thoughts

Sitting here…
lounging and relaxing on my lunch time.
Enjoying the breeze and letting my mind wonder…
it has a mind of its own, my mind…

It has decided to quietly slip away to my favorite spot in the mountains…
where nature is all consuming and soothing.
Of course, my mind has stolen you too;
I show you my favorite waterfall and all the trails where grown folks can hide away and do grown folks business without any threat of interruption.

Night comes and its cold, utterly so,
This spot is in the clouds and to survive two bodies would have to become…one.

Not that that’s a problem
because no one else is close enough to hear the careless whispers and mating cries…
sleep is optional but welcomed in the end…and
a new day begins….and

a new memory begins.

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Poetry : One life

I have died a 1000 deaths,
killed a million souls,
and jumped a billion suicides;

I am still living this one life. – Poetess Denise Fyffe

Jamaican Poetry : Depressed to tears

My pain is seeping through my eyes,
So much pain;
I am sorry eyes,
You will work overtime tonight.- Poetess Denise Fyffe

Jamaican Poetry: Sneeze

Si, me jus leggo one sneeze,
Mi feel it all di way to me knees
Not a body or a gentle bone,
Mi wrap up, inna mi bed all alone;

Jamaican Poetry: Spring

Blossoms o’er and above the hill
A sign that nature’s heart yet beats stronger still
Four months basked in a cloak of white
Viking trees once starving orphans, exposed to the winters banshee cries;

Jamaican Poetry: Seething

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2017, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

I hiss mi teet an seethe
Like a cobra coiled

Execute fury or
I hiss mi teet an seethe.

Mi mind racing thru corridors
Like a Amtrak train
Seeking recourse, seeking solution.
Meanwhile di devils chirp
Their song in mi head
Claro 3G break free…’
I goin to break somin yes
Two months,
Two significant problems
Too much;

I hiss mi teet and seethe.

Dis lady seh I mus seek recourse
Fi a five thousand dollars
I goin to seek
I hiss mi teet and seethe.

Di devils continue fi sing deh song

‘Claro 3G break free…’
I feel di tidal wave break in mi head.
I recoil and
I hiss mi teet and seethe.