Jamaican Poetry: Mother Jamaica

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Bearer and protector
Of dark haired picknies
Running down streets and traversing your countryside and Cockpit country;
You bear in and out of season
Feeding us yellow succulent mangoes
Red juicy plums and apples
And rain down giant breadfruits and nourishing coconuts;
You clothe us in long flowing skirts of sunshine or grey thick cloaks of clouds
Protecting us from the elements
With your strong Blue Mountain backbone;
We watch as you age to 50
And live independently of anyone’s rule
Providing and cultivating through hard work and diligence
Teaching us to be expressive creative and bold;
Your children go forth and prosper
Your children go forth and dominate
Your children go forth and sing melodies of good vibration;
Mother Jamaica,
Your are a diamond among jewels
Precious and unique
We owe our heritage and flavour to your nurturing;
Mother Jamaica
Your children are as diverse as the sand
Out of many, we are one people
Your chiny-bump head picknies roam freely in this world
Influencing every corner;
we are proud to call you home and mother,


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