Jamaican Poetry: Hurricane Gustav Storm (written in Jamaican Patois)

Hurricane Gustav off Jamaica.

Hurricane Gustav off Jamaica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, Poetess Denise N. Fyffe

Oonu see it,
Dem yah storm yah no sweet.

Mi wrap up cozy inna mi bed,
Nex ting mi knuh,
Rain a fall inna mi head.

Nuh sick it waan fi mek me sickly,
But one dime me nuh have,
Afta me nuh picknie;
Inna Jahmekyah, nuh free health care mi nah go get,
Cause dah age deh, done lef.

Mi pray an hope to Gad
Likkle fenzic lef inna mi bag;
Mi get up an walk go check di house,
Cause mi nuh waan wake up,
A see seh furnitah, TV an me well douse.

Roof leak,
Window leak,
Door leak, cho;
Mi caan wait till dis yah Gustav storm
Category guh dung an become soso.

Mi crawl back inna mi bed,
Firm up me pillow an listen to di rain
a play zinc xylophone above mi head;
No light, no water, nuff boredom tonight
Lawd me knuh me sorrows likkle
But some people ago hav more serious plight;

Mi wrap up, cova up an an pray to
Massa God, sidung pon di roof lawd Jezaz,
Cause insurance high, bad bad.


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