Jamaican Poetry: I’m Broken

By: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

I’m broken
A bipolar accident waiting to ignite in my mind;
What I am is a figment of the former me
Or at least
That is what I have come to believe;

More or less
My confessions are real
Life has stripped me
And left me in the meth of unreal;

Steps I take
Seem to go in circles
I end where I start
And I keep meeting the same hurdles;
Lessons, line up
Over and over each time
Perspective and clarity
That’s what is needed in my mind;

The answer seems so far away
But on a rainy day
The answer is not so vague;

I see
I am not so broken
Mind tricked
I left a way open;
A way in which I could be deceived
A way that leads me to become a more vulnerable me;
A way that I now stand and face
To see how better, I can seal that gate;

I am broken,
To that, there is no doubt
But I am fighting to find the strength
To make this failure better
Than a life which is a symbolism to Noah’s drought;

How will it end up?
We have to wait and see
Because being broken
Is not exactly my life’s dream;
But if it makes me a stronger man
To say I am broken
Will become my resounding anthem.

I am broken,
No breast, on which to cleave
I guess it’s left up to my saviour and me.


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