Jamaican Poetry: Di man for me

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

As a Jamaican ooman I would like to think,
There is a Jamaican man who nah go mek mi boat sink.
Him will tek mi by di hand and lead di way,
An won’t run from di danger, him lef mi fi face.

Carry mi to di four corners of di world,
Tell mi every day I’m his pearl.
Breakfast inna bed would be sublime,
Call mi a di office all di time.

Brag and boast to him frien dem,
How mi rice and peas, mek him waan go a heaven.
Valentines day mi nuh afi ask,
Cause mi knuh mi will get flowers inna vase.
Chocolate and perfume, diamonds and second honeymoon.
Him will brandish him love to mi, an mek mi swoon.

Nuh tink mi nah go treat him well,
Aromatherapy and massage, like maid pon bell.
Love him, consol him and tell him di truth;
When we argue an fight or nuh inna good mood.

Treat him as I would mi savior,

Young romantic couple celebrating with wine in summer park

Act like school picknie pon dem best behaviour.
Romance and passion will always be,
Like di fuss day him lay eye pon me.

Tank pupa jesas everyday,
Kneel down a di bedside, hol hand and pray;
Attend church very regular,
Mi di deaconess and him di minister.

Through trials and troubles we will swim
Just so long as we cherish di love within.


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