What if I get chikungunya while I’m pregnant?

What if I get Chikungunya while I’m pregnant?

Recent research suggests that you can pass on the Chikungunya virus to your unborn baby. This is most likely to occur in the third and fourth month of your pregnancy or in the last few weeks. Your baby will contract the virus through infected blood during labour.
Luckily, most of the Chikungunya symptoms in babies are mild and will appear within the first three to seven days. However, complications can occur so it is best to keep an eye out for symptoms.
Chikungunya has been linked with miscarriages in early pregnancy, but rarely. So, make sure to use mosquito repellents and keep mosquitoes at bay. And see your doctor, if you get chikungunya while you are pregnant.
Information share via http://www.babycenter.in/a1015297/chikungunya-in-pregnancy#ixzz3Hdbta1YN



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