Jamaican wedding rings

Jamaican Weddings: Finding wedding financing

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

There are many things that are necessary to have a successful wedding. Some you can live without, some you cannot. First the bride’s most important concern is her dress. For an item that will only be worn on one day, it has the potential to start wars and break engagements. This item can cost thousands of dollars and may actually take up a large part of the budget. Not to mention other items to consider, like wedding cake, caterer, food, beverage, flowers, tuxedos, entertainment, and transportation. In planning this event, you must also consider the miscellaneous wedding costs that will be incurred while planning for a wedding.

You first have to create a wedding budget and stick to it; as best as possible. We understand that might be asking you to carry water in a basket, but it is possible. Capture all the different expenditures in your wedding and research what the cost will be, taking into consideration fluctuations until the time you pay your bills. Add a couple hundred or thousand dollars to that, just to have a little room, in case incidental things come up. When you have come up with a total, go back over your list and remove the things you can do without and can’t afford.

Most businesses may require that some down payment be made. Here you might have to consider getting a loan if you do not have the funds saved to pay for all the upcoming wedding expenses. Consider payment terms, time to repay, your new joint expenses, and other things like the interest and principal payments. When you have identified the best loan option, create a wedding account and pay all wedding expenses, only, from this account. Once everything is paid off, and the honeymoon is over, start repaying your loan promptly. Depending on the type of gifts, and your use for them, you can use those to assist in covering your wedding costs. Begin your newlywed life, debt free.


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