How to Not Lose Your Money Gambling Online

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Many advise to forgo the trappings of online gaming sites. These sites are designed and guided by computer algorithms that will minimise your winnings or prevent you from winning. Going into an actual gambling establishment, such as a casino allows a player to observe the actions of their dealers. This allows them to be able to respond accordingly.

The underpinning objective of an online gambling website is to make as much money as possible for the business owners. These websites are designed by computer programmers to skew every game in the favour of the owner, even when it seems like the player is winning, some of the times. Online gaming has a different sort of regulations governing their activities and it is extremely difficult for gaming controls and commissions to regulate their day to day activities.

Some online gamblers may believe that their experience, skills and knowledge will help them overcome internet gaming sites. This is most definitely not the case. Due to their design, these factors play no role in the outcome of any game. Various plays and deals are not random in nature as live and actual casino games, the odds are always in favour of the house winning. The game is designed to have you lose many times before even winning one hand.

While in a physical gambling establishment players are completely aware of the odds or can make an educated guess, the same is not true for online gaming websites. You are wholly dependent on the internet site in order to win any game, slots or bet. They will lure you by making you win a few games, but usually they purposely prevent users from winning.

Communication is another strategy online gamers can use. In games where you are supposed to be playing another human player, make an attempt to speak with your opponent. Ask a variety of questions, paying extreme attention to their responses and checking to see if you are playing another human being and not the computer program. Sometimes they have designed the program to give simulated responses making it very difficult to decipher whether its man or machine. At other times they will use employees or representatives who monitor the chat sessions on internet gaming sites.

Explicit care should be given to the warnings provided. Online gambling is essentially a con. Participants should not engage themselves into believing they are going to win any money as the site is designed to take your money more often than not. If you do win any amount of money, do not keep it on the site. Withdraw your winnings and keep it elsewhere. And finally, just because you won a few games, do not lift your expectations and believe that you will keep on winning or that there is a trend.



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