President Donald Trump: A nightmare for Americans


A 15 year old argues why a Donald Trump presidency could be catastrophic to the US economy.

Despite outrage from the general populous at the bombastic Donald Trump’s campaign for President, a great number of Republicans continue to support him, and shockingly, he remains the overwhelming favourite for the Republican presidential nomination. This confounding support of Trump can, in truth, be narrowed down to a few key reasons, one of which is a disturbing lack of knowledge regarding actual policy, and a misguided focus on political rhetoric.

In my honest opinion, the way to defeat Trump is not to simply slam him for his admittedly asinine stance on immigration, but to deliver a systematic breakdown of his economic policies, and explain how malevolent they would indeed be to the US economy. That is what I seek to achieve in this article; to provide a brief respite from his nauseating rhetoric and to inform the average American what a President Trump could actually mean for their day-to day lives, and indeed, the lives of people around the world.

The fact remains that the effects of Donald Trump would not stay consigned merely in American soil, but would be felt around the world, so instead of a simply American issue, this is a global one too, and people around the globe need to act to stop this man getting any sort of political power.

Source: President Trump: A nightmare for Americans – The Quest For Knowledge: Shrey’s Finance Blog


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