Seaview Gardens: April Showers or Trickles? by Denise N. Fyffe

Summer in Jamaica, unofficially, starts mid April. Over the last three years, the heat sits upon the land, like a fat rhino in labour, refusing to budge.

rhino in summer


April showers has been downgraded to April trickles. Kingston and St. Andrew sees very little rain compared to previous years. Seaview Gardens sees even less. Last year, we had a devastating drought, which led to water lock offs all over the island.

I don’t think we will fear well this year.

I remember, even up to four years ago, driving through morning traffic, playing dandy shandy with pedestrians as they try to evade raindrops. The corporate area traffic would crawl at snails pace, as the skies weep their troubles.


We would be listening to the news and praying for the  houses, set precariously on gully banks; then sigh at the evening news reports of people, even children lost…washed away in the gullies out to sea and rivers.

I wonder if Jamaicans area taking note of this global epidemic and how can this country of suppose wood and water counter this unholy attack?

The Arctic decreases in mileage everyday. The temperatures rise every summer countries like London see record breaking temperatures every year.


How will we fear come hurricane season? Will we see more? Or none at all. Will the African continent manage to belch out more Category 5 hurricanes this year?

You know heat draws them to the West don’t you?

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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