Restaurant Review: Rosa Mexicana So Disappointing, Bond45 Mucho Respect!

My sister felt for Mexican food and I was looking forward to trying it.
Man what a disappointment Rosa Mexicana was! I was so looking forward to a good experience. Seeing as I was visiting National Harbour for the first time in April.

When we entered it smelled good.

My taste buds were eager.

My mind was daydreaming about what tasty treat I would discover.

However, no one was in reception. We waited for about three mins. You know me, I went exploring because this was unacceptable.

When the hostess finally came, her attitude was SOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, the exclamations are necessary.)

We were probably the only black people there. A mussi dat, but I doubt it cuz she was black too. We waited another 10 mintues to be seated at a table inside.

I had asked for a table away from the noise.

But, instead, she put us smack dab in the miggle of crying babies, when there were several tables to the back.

I said, “What happen to that one?” Sourpuss went off to get it ready.

I was done! I am Jamaican. I will tek mi money and go somewhere else!

You won’t get my money at Rosa Mexicana, if that is the type of service they dispense. Excellent customer service is muy importante! Especially in the restaurant business!

Before I eat there, for lunch, and get indigestion because of everything we had experienced so far, we exited stage left and went over to the Italian restaurant next door, Bond45.

The friendly likkle spot!

Their service was light years beyond Rosa Mexicana. They were so patient with the kids as well. The hostess was helpful. She got us seated in no time and was patient with me.

I am new to this Italian thing and couldn’t decide on which tasty dish to try. But as a large family of five, we just got a huge dish and shared it that way.

The waiter was super efficient. He was an older gentleman, but he moved so fast. Lightning could not catch him! OMG!!!

Bond45 over Rosa Mexicana for my money – any day.


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