Jamaican poetry by poetess denise fyffe

Jamaican Poetry : Attacking Ships

My life is being attacked

My relationships are being attacked

If you come next to me,

You are going to be attacked;

All that glitters turns to rust and not gold

My enemies start to smile

And my friends get cold;

My eyes can’t be trusted to see in the physical

Though they can clearly distinguish

The threat in the spiritual;

Don’t draw next to me

If you cannot fight

Because I promise you it is a battle for life;

Don’t look in this direction

If you aren’t prepared for war

Everyone who passed through

Has passed on and left a scar;

You better armour up

You better grow some balls

Being in this jungle has made me grown

Cold and hard;

I’ll let some snakes in

I will play with some scorpions

But at the end of the day

I will eat them for protein;

We battle against man

But only as a medium

The battle is with principalities

That wields and uses them;

I am not angry

When flesh and blood shows itself

I am only disappointed

As I thought it could control itself;

I am not fazed

When the Battlestar Galactica kicks off in my days

I have a lifetime of experience

To prove, it’s only a phase;

I cherish and defend those that stick around

When you have earned it

You will be embedded in the soft part;

I am fiercely honest

Don’t mistake me for a clown

Just because I smile

Doesn’t mean

There isn’t a warrior around;

When my life is attacked

My friends, acquaintances and passersby will act

Up to no good and I will know it’s a fact

When relationships start to sour

I don’t act like I have the power

I hand it over

To the master controller;

So don’t get next to me

If you scared of the enemy

Because when he looks you in the face

You got to be brave and put him in his place;

So when you come around

You are guaranteed tears and frowns

But trouble don’t last always

There will be smiles at the end of days;

Don’t think me naive, stupid or unwise

I have just gotten used to being let down

By the people by my side;

My words depict and paint the scenes in my life

I wonder if you can sleep

When you start to picture hate, malice and strife;

As my words have power

And there is power in my words

The ending of this message, I must curb

All is not lost

Love is forever

It conquers all and the future will be better.


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