The Pros and Cons of Being a Mystery Shopper

For someone who loves to shop or investigate the services of merchandise business; then the job of a mystery shopper will be appealing. This particular assignment allows a shopper to evaluate the products and services offered by any company. This opportunity has grown over the years due to the accessibility of the internet to millions of people; therefore more and more secret shopper opportunities and jobs are popping up online.

The Mystery Shopper

You will sign up with a mystery shopper company and they will compensate you for the site visits and evaluation that you make. After you register, you will be given an assignment, and then you will receive an evaluation form to fill out. It contains different categories of questions about that particular company or store. You will answer the questions and return the evaluation form. This form can range from a couple of pages to upwards of ten pages.


The downside of this secret shopper business is that you have to wait on your compensation; it is not necessarily guaranteed within a particular period. Another detractor is that usually you will have to use your own resources, initially when you go to the places that you have to evaluate. If you are persistent though, you can make more than a hundred dollars a month in this business.

Another appealing aspect of this mystery shopper job is that you can get freebies. Who does not like to get free things? The possibilities are really limitless. You can get free clothes, shoes, doctor and dentist visits, gadgets, gas, hotel rooms and even meals at a restaurant.

Very important, never pay up front for registration or even material to become a member. This will be an indication of a fraudulent company trying to scam you of your money. The reputable companies do not require any payment to them for you to sign up.


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