Jamaican Poetry: By the Riverside

By the riverside
I know so well
I watch you stroll
I watch your legs;
As you stand knee deep
In that cold stream
The sun shines in your face
And I watch you wade upstream;

Jamaican Poetry : One life

I have died a 1000 deaths,
killed a million souls,
and jumped a billion suicides;

I am still living this one life. – Poetess Denise Fyffe

Jamaican Poetry : Depressed to tears

My pain is seeping through my eyes,
So much pain;
I am sorry eyes,
You will work overtime tonight.- Poetess Denise Fyffe

Jamaican Poets: Judge not

Until the words fall from a man’s lips

or the actions from his heart,

never judge his deeds.

Else, the microscope in the sun will also be turned on you.- Poetess Denise Fyffe

Copyright © 2017, Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Poets: I DARE you

I DARE you to be me for a day.

I DARE you to walk in my ‘way’.

Fight the enemies I have.

Befriend the angels, as FRIENDS.

I DARE you to be me, and still breathe peacefully.- Poetess Denise Fyffe

Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

Feature on Erika Heslop Martin, Jamaican author and poet

erika heslop and family

erika heslop martin

erika heslop martin

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

Erika Heslop Martin a.k.a. Poetess Er is a multi-talented, young and inspired Jamaican Poet born in Kingston, Jamaica. She is the Jamaican Author of this book A Poetic Revelation, The Power of Words, and A Poetic Journey. Her poems have been published in the Sunday Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer and her Book Launch of: “The Power of Words” was featured in The Jamaica Herald. She has been featured and interviewed by the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) for television (TVJ) and radio, Nationwide Radio, Love 101, RJR 94, Power 106, Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) on the Writer’s Block and the Love Zone on CVM Television.

Erika does poetry presentations locally and internationally at a wide variety of events and ceremonies and is also a Motivational Writer and Speaker. She is a member of the Book Industry Association of Jamaica, JAM Copy, Poetry Society of Jamaica, Poemhunter.com, Jamaican Writers Society and an active member of her Church Choir. She is also an Accountant by profession and has worked in various accounting capacities in the Financial Sector.

Executive Members of Jamaican Writers Society, The photo shows left to right: Poetess Denise N. Fyffe (poet, writer); Erika Heslop Martin (poet, writer); Tanya Batson Savage, (publisher of adult and children's books, and author); Diane Browne ( author children's books); Kalilah Enriquez, (poet); Godfrey Taylor (musician, author); Arnoldo Ventura (scientist, poet)

Executive Members of Jamaican Writers Society, The photo shows left to right: Poetess Denise N. Fyffe (poet, writer); Erika Heslop Martin (poet, writer); Tanya Batson Savage, (publisher of adult and children’s books, and author); Diane Browne ( author children’s books); Kalilah Enriquez, (poet); Godfrey Taylor (musician, author); Arnoldo Ventura (scientist, poet)

Erika Heslop Martin is an outstanding past student of Camperdown High School. She is  a Bank of Nova Scotia Foundation Scholarship Recipient and a Business Graduate of the University of Technology in Accounting & International Business and the University College of the Caribbean, in Financial Securities Management. Her career dream is to be a successful Business Professional and a Bestseller of her books of poetry and upcoming novel.

In her spare time, Poetess Er enjoys spending time with family and friends, encouraging others, writing poetry, reading , surfing the internet, taking pictures, modeling, acting, singing, listening to music, dancing, traveling, watching movies, speaking Spanish, planning and organizing events and cooking delicious meals. She is a faithful mother of twins (boy and girl) who is very compassionate, bold and ambitious.

Her books are currently available in a few local Bookstores and worldwide on amazon.com in paperback and kindle formats. She has been described as “one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets” that the literary world would benefit greatly from; “a Poetic Guru and Creative Genius” who writes from her heart. You may connect with her on her Facebook Author’s page Erika Heslop and Twitter page Erika Heslop Martin. Some of her poems can be read on poemhunter.com and watched on youtube.com. Erika is truly in love with Poetry and wants the whole world to know and be positively touched.

Erika Heslop Martin, Poetess Er

1. What do you want to be remembered for when you die?

I would love to be remembered for my poetry, my positive, bold, genuine and pleasant personality; a good daughter, sister, wife and mother. I would also like to be remembered for being different, dependable, not a follower, but someone willing to serve with a smile.

2. What is most important to you in this life?

Of utmost importance is my relationship with God, my family and my close friends.

3. How has God shaped your life, especially as it relates to you craft?

God has shaped my life through the multiplicity of experiences that he has allowed me to endure. He is the source of my strength and so whatever I go through in this life, I have to reach out to him. My inspiration comes from God and he has blessed me with all my talents.

4. Name one experience and how has it influenced your entire life.

One experience that has influenced my entire life is my first trip to North America as a child. My eyes were opened to another culture and lifestyle other than Jamaica. This helped me in becoming a more rounded, bold and outspoken individual. My perspective on life is much broader, totally not limited to Jamaica and I believe that traveling to different places is important. Also, to be the best that I can be wherever I go and to never forget where I am coming from.

Jamaican Writers: Feature on Louise Bennett, Ms. Lou

ms louLouise Simone Bennett-Coverley or Miss Lou, OM, OJ, MBE (7 September 1919 – 26 July 2006), was a Jamaican poet, folklorist, writer, and educator. Writing and performing her poems in what was known as Jamaican Patois or Creole, she was instrumental in having this “dialect” of the people given literary recognition in its own right (“nation language“). She is located at the heart of the Jamaican poetic tradition, and has influenced other popular Caribbean poets, including Mutabaruka, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Paul Keens-Douglas.

Miss Lou died on July 26, 2006 in Toronto. She was accorded an official funeral at the Coke Methodist Church, and interred at National Heroes Park beside her husband Eric “Chalk-Talk” Coverley.

List of Louise Bennett/Ms Lou poems:

  1. Dry Foot Bwoy
  2. Nuh Likkle Twang
  3. Back to Africa
  4. Social Climbing
  5. Scandal
  6. Colonization in Reverse
  7. Cuss-Cuss
  8. Candy Seller
  9. Street Bwoy
  10. perplex
  11. White Pickney
  12. Obeah win di war
  13. Pass fi white
  14. Votin Lis
  15. Bans o’ killing

Louise Bennett recordings are:

  1. Jamaica Singing Games (1953)
  2. Jamaican Folk Songs (Folkways Records, 1954)
  3. Children’s Jamaican Songs and Games (Folkways, 1957)
  4. Miss Lou’s Views (1967)
  5. Listen to Louise (1968)
  6. Carifesta Ring Ding (1976)
  7. The Honorable Miss Lou, (1981)
  8. Miss Lou Live-London (1983)
  9. Yes M’ Dear (Island Records) (1983)

Louise Bennett Awards and Honors:

  1. In 1960, made a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
  2. In 1974, appointed to the Order of Jamaica
  3. In 1974, appointed Cultural Ambassador at Large for Jamaica.
  4. received the Institute of Jamaica’s Musgrave Silver and Gold Medals
  5. the Norman Manley Award for Excellence (in the field of Arts),
  6. an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of the West Indies (1983),
  7. an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from York University, Toronto.[4]
  8.  in 2001, appointed as a Member of the Jamaican Order of Merit