Testimonies: My wedding disaster

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Getting married is supposed to be a joyous occasion, filled with good tidings from family members and friends. This milestone marks the point in your life where you will select the person you want to be with forever; or so they say. For some it is a very intimidating and stressful event, while for others fully certain of their decision it is encapsulated with happiness and bliss. Weddings are some of the biggest events in any person’s lifetime. The planning and effort that goes into this ceremony often takes months to do. As a result one has to be very certain that the person you say yes to is the one, you want to spend your life with forever.

Many brides or grooms leave the other standing at the altar or changing their minds at the last minute. Not only reeking embarrassment on their jilted fiancé, but also on the families. The attendees at a weddings are often close friends and family and important associates of the family; therefore leaving down the embarrassment will be next to impossible. Often with occurrences like that, many families have dissension and a split in the family unit. Parents might end up resenting the actions of their children and withdraw their support to them. Also being left with a hefty bill, adds salt to the wound. Weddings take a lot of planning and financial investment. Time is spent by almost all involved with the family to make is a success. Choosing caterers, cake, wine, menu, flowers, location, gowns, and many other details that go into launching this event is an emotional as well as financial investment. Therefore to throw all that away is considered coldblooded and malicious.

The movie runaway bride starring Julia Roberts, is a perfect example of a person waiting until the last minute to decide that their partner is not the best to suit them. Couples need to be one hundred percent certain before they start planning a wedding. Planning a wedding can be an intoxicating experience in itself, and many people get married especially to do this. But if you have doubts address them before the big day. Couples counseling is often recommended before tying the knot. This allows both the bride and groom to be, to discuss an concerns they may have. It also serves to make them aware of what a marriage really is and the work it will take to make it successful. Many couples really begin to understand who their partner is and what they expect out of a marriage in the counseling session. Pastors or counselors are objective parties who will give advice and make unbiased recommendations. If you still have doubts after this, you should not get married.


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