The Natalia Chronicles Part 19 – Trucking part 2

By: Denise N. Fyffe
Copyright © 2011, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Its night two of Natalia’s trucking adventure. The most exciting parts have been driving in the night and experiencing those impromptu events.

So far from the previous night, they got stuck in the hills of Barry; thankfully, just for over an hour. Then with a long line of trailers, navigated through the cane fields; where they were delayed again because another trailer broke down.

Bunking in a trailer is not bad at all. Her friend has two and it’s almost like camping out in the elements. Natalia made it clear on night two that  she wasn’t going to be parking in any deserted areas. And they had better find a proper and safer rest stop.

Her friend regaled her with stories of trailers crossing the frigidly frozen seas in the Canadian region and the many perils they face. That if the ice breaks with the trailer, they recommend that you stay in the vehicle so that they can find your body. And also that has the trailers travel over the ice, it breaks but freezes back quickly in time for the back wheels to go over it. Natalia guessed she won’t be a trailer driver traveling from USA to Canada for just thousands of dollars.

On this particular trek, from the east to the north coast and back; she  learnt about the parts of a trailer and how it operates. She has seen first hand how it is handled expertly through Mount Rosser. Natalia also grew to understand, why drivers need to anticipate giving it all the space it needs to navigate narrow roads and corners. She has also seen the camaraderie between the truck and trailer drivers that ply our roads on a daily.

Natalia is truly thankful now that she came out, and not just passed her time in a boring mental haze on her couch.

More power to our Truckers!!


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